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10 Things I Learned During the First TrimesterThe New Life Crown - Part Three

10 Things I Learned During the First TrimesterThe New Life Crown - Part Three

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The experience of the first three months of pregnancy has not been short of experience. From joke to realism, there was all the wisdom I could do in 12 weeks. At least until the first baby kicks.

10 Things I Learned During the First Trimester

1) Higher value if the child is appreciated

I thought if I found out that I was expecting babies, the first request that would be made to me would be when I was on call and that I would wear it. To top it off, in the top 3, the "designed or estimated" request came from almost everyone. The majority of the inquirers have remained unbelievable after the engineering design and manufacturing, and we joke enough that it certainly does not look like it.

2) There will always be one who will not be fascinated by the child's gender / honeymoon / name / father / mother

This simply cannot be avoided. There was a relative of us who could not congratulate, but with a wooden face, he acknowledged three times that he was sure to be stunned (he did not show signs of stomach publicly). There were also some who did not want to memorize the names they had chosen, or some who had seen the problem from the root - the choice. Unfortunately, it is harder for them, because we respect their opinions, but in the first place we do not know what to do with it.

3) The child's father = your father

Why does everyone think that a pregnant woman has a husband? This was a recurring problem in almost every type of exam (dummy, bloodless, in-order), for example, what was to write down in the protocol was completely unhelpful. Then who's my kid's daddy? Йlettбrsam? No, no roula paper. Fйrj? No, I don't have any (yet). Then what should you enter / enter here? I was persuaded to decide this dilemma alone, let this part of the lack of health and white print let's not find it out the solution.

4) The first trimester itself is continuous PMS

Because of my hormone hormone, I changed things: spontaneously sleeping, sleeping evenly, dressing my forehead, and bringing in all the traits that I used to have before menstruation (PMS). The last thing I was worried about is that the statistics of family wrangling in recent years have always fluctuated during PMS, as I was typically a magpie, and my anxiety about money used to be. My lord, however, was patient, and the room was as it came, so it went.

5) The pregnancy is very simple

As the weeks went by, it became clear that everything about pregnancy, ranting, ranting, moss, all over the big screen is bare, but not at all costly. The baby is in there, developing on his own, and I have nothing else to do than feel good and carry on where I left off before my pregnancy. Syrup cookie, but this is the 9th of tomorrow. It is a matter of recognition and truth that from the slightest inconvenience (bloating evening, morning veil, lightness, curvature) she has not suffered in any form. See next point.

6) If you have no pregnancy symptoms, UFУ or / envy

I wanted to buy magnesium in a tablet without a vitamin B6 combination (it is abundant in pregnancy vitamin A, and my diet is not reduced), but B6 has started to struggle. When I realized that I was not smiling in any way, she smiled discreetly and wondered if I would! And I told him with a deadly calmness that since I was 13 weeks old, I didn't do my job. The two who stayed at the pharmacy and the other two women were staring at me at the same time. Everyone told me about their own negative experiences in the topic, and I was judged to be the hero of the day.

7) Keep dry until you can see it

I could hardly wait to see that look at me the child. I was looking in the mirror, looking at when my clothes were tight, but for the most part the missed moment did not come. However, at week 12, I had to spend a day in tight skirts, cruel because I had to work out a cultural program that lasted until late at night. Since then, things have changed: old clothes don't come to me, and pregnant women (elastic waist trousers, skirts) have not been fully absorbed. The number of clothes I can currently wear has shrunk to an extremely small set. So what did I do about it so much?

8) Pregnant women hysterics

This statement is generally proven by any bloodshed, home doctor, sometimes in the midst of periodicals, expense reports, where there is always one (or more), "here and there" a ... must be xy "type of intruder (even worse if this type appears with the similarly impatient and hysterical daddy in the above mentioned locations). Of course, when you are hungry, thirsty or tired, the chord breaks faster than me, but knowing this hysterically-pregnant phenomenon, I was the first to pledge not to publicly choke myself.

9) No one will take care of you except you

During the pregnancy, the doctor and the nurse (officially) have examined the number of shifts that may occur in a mother with her first child. The majority of the pregnancy you are referring to yourself, and whether you succeed in setting meaningful and feasible boundaries for your status. You don't have to be supernatural or at least run at 100 - instead of 150.

10) Pregnancy is like football

… Because everyone has got it. Everybody knows what the baby will be, what I need to eat, what I'm going to get out of in 9 months, what an ideal pantry list, why should I buy in x store, what books, puppets will I have to wear, with my nipple waiting for better times to come. Thank you, after 2 weeks of reading and reading, I decided at the end of the 7th week that I would rather try to lure my urbanized and modern living situation into practice. This is the biggest antithesis of excess paraphernalia. The gods came in.You can read the previous part of the article series here.
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