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You don't have to be a slave to mother-in-law during your toddler years. You also need some relaxation.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Battonyai Tünde, a life management advisor, it can cause serious problems if we want to keep everything around the child. "Going to permanent perfection will inevitably lead to failure in the long run. In my experience, this is most often the case when mothers with small children have to look at it. (hefty, crisp-ironed shirt) who buys the ingredients for the lunch every day in the organic market, regularly sports, works from home, and even has a shiny hair that just doesn't look very shiny. big trouble. If we talk about grinning in the evening, if we play in the frenzy of fatigue, the kid will appreciate it. There is a much greater need for children to have a well-balanced, relaxed mother with a great deal of humor.

Need some relaxation!

Steps to release

Are you having trouble leaving the baby for others? Conscience winner, do you ever knock on the door without you? These sensations are completely natural and should not be allowed to dominate you.
The symbiosis that occurs between a mother and her baby gives fantastic sensations. However, as the months go by, it turns out that taking care of your baby is a complete human task. Care can be overwhelming, but you can survive a depressed load. There is often only a couple of weekly hours of relaxation between the two. In principle, it is possible to have a break with the baby, but most of the time, the mother looks at the child with one eye. It is natural that you exclude the book in the first days, but you cannot fill long years with closed pages. You must gradually learn to live without each other.

From end to end

ALVУ CHILDREN It is psychologically the easiest thing to start a sleeping baby. This means that at first the external aid must also be fully adapted to the baby's rhythm.NEARBY DESTINATION The longest period of time spent away is also limited by breastfeeding, so in the first days only mid-points can be considered. You are also reassured that if something unexpected arises you will be able to step in quickly.ELVBLES RITULE Develop habits that you apply from the beginning. For example, when your grandmother arrives, you play together for a couple of minutes, breastfeed your baby, then say goodbye and don't come back, even if you cry. For the baby, it is easier to be separated if things always happen the same way.VONZУ PROGRAM It helps a lot if you find an activity that is attractive to you, that you upload, what you ask for, or what you find meaningful and useful. Whether it's a language course, a dance, or a coffee with a friend, the point is that you can fully immerse yourself.GYAKORLБS Relief must be practiced. It can take time for you to accept the outside help without reservations and criticism and learn to feel good. However, if you practice this situation on a regular basis, it will become natural and everyone will be hesitant. The best cure for remorse is to see that the child has had a good time without you and your energy has multiplied.
"The mothers were never as frustrated as they are now."
- If I had known ... - Confession of a mother