This is how the child learns to speak

This is how the child learns to speak

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It doesn't take long before "dude-dude-dude" becomes a "mom" and then the era of "myrrh" comes, and finally the full possession of the mother tongue, when the little speaks by itself, even the language also takes part.

When a grown-up asks his grumpy grandmother, "Are you homeless?", A mischievous smile runs across her face, knowing that this is not really the opposite of "flexible." He plays with words, you won't be embarrassed if you can't pass something out of an existing dungeon, take new words, or explain what you mean. Of course, you can only do so when you feel comfortable with your speech. Parents can help a lot.

No need to teach

Almost everything important for learning a language is born with us. But it is just as important that, after your newborn baby, you immediately feel a strong urge to connect with people in the immediate vicinity: your partner will look at you, initiates a "conversation".Move your voice and voice to the answer with movement and sounds. If they smile back at him or talk to him, all eyes and all over, then he responds with a smile, a kalimp, or a giggle. Then wait for the answer again - and so on. The parent can best help if you start talking to the baby, listening to the baby, and patiently anticipating any cushioning.

Even without talking, little kids can make sense of themselves

No need to teach your speech! After all, it is not just a matter of mastering words, but of the complex system of rules that are required to form correct sentences. The use of the mother tongue requires a great deal of co-operation and co-production and development. The role of parents is simply to create the right conditions.

By the time your voice is heard

We may not have thought how much work our minds can do to pick the ones that are important to us from the various noises. Hearing, seeing is not in our ears, in our eyes, but in our brains. There, important information is separated from insignificant ones. If that were not the case, we would not be able to interpret what was going on: noises, noises, no colors, no light. detection of speech so it's not a simple process, the little one has to learn to pay special attention to sounds in his / her native language. By the age of five, the Earth wheel is still open to learning any language, and by the age of one, it has recognized and mastered mainly the sounds that it encounters in its daily life. , your baby may not be able to distinguish sounds, but it may also be a mistake to learn them.

Boys, girls

From the outset, girls are favored in terms of speech development. The other-year-old baby mostly uses sentences, at the age of two, and has no problems with more complex grammatical structures in a few months. The communicative advantage of girls is maintained throughout school, and this is one of the reasons that many more girls bring home a good certificate than boys. Boys are more prone to delayed speech development, stuttering, and more to left-handedness, dyslexia, dysgraphia (reading disorder). We need to be more patient with us and pay great attention to prevention.

Not talking - how long will we wait?

If you want to write the answer in one sentence, you would have to write it down to three years. But at first, it may seem that the child is not just a "sloth" but needs development. It indicates a very serious problem if you do not pay attention to your speech and do not engage in communication. Many people think that it is not the speech that matters; if your child understands the simplest instructions, completes the simple requests, then surely there is no problem. This is true only if we are absolutely sure that you have hearing and speech perception. It's not that easy to find out! In the beginning, children understand less about words than about our gestures and their vocabulary. So, with a smart yet audacious child, the problem may remain hidden for a long time. THE logopйdus so you are going for a hearing test a little upper quenching guts causes partial hearing loss. In these cases, a medical treatment can help with the problem, and the child is quickly brought to bear. However, speaking a speech cannot always be traced back to such a simple cause. If movement or mental or emotional development is slowed down, the child's development or healing must begin as soon as possible.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

Many children get sick with one or more voices. If this makes the speech difficult to comprehend, it is not enough just to dedicate the pre-school year to speech therapy. The technician knows which sound should work out when it is good, so it will correct the errors in the right order with proper practice. the "r" is the last one: enough if it is clean for five and a half, at age six. The rest (such as the whispering sounds) need to be addressed sooner. It doesn't help if you talk to your child every day that he or she doesn't sound good. Even if we practice it on our own specialty. If our method is bad, we can even worsen the situation. Ask for speech therapy help! Exercises given for the home must be carried out on the basis of the educator's guide.


Sometimes a child who wants to communicate what he or she is saying becomes entangled in his or her speech because his or her mind is faster than the amount of muscle required to speak. This can happen regularly dadogбs they are confused about their spiciness, or they stay for a year, consult a specialist! In addition, it is very important that the adult does not give birth to the child, and does not correct him / her all the time, moreover, that he / she does not generally tell the baby that there is a problem. The majority of children are not particularly disturbed by their stuttering. The trouble becomes real trouble if you feel it is expected to stutter.You will then concentrate tightly and find it harder to get between the two. It is very important for the parent to discuss this request with the other family members and the wider environment (kindergarten, friends).

How can we help the speech developer?

- Talk to him from an early age;
- singing, telling, telling, reading a book;
- let us speak clearly, understandably;
- listen carefully to what you have to say;
- Include it in your daily life, not just in the play time!

How can we take the speech?

- constantly correcting misspelled sounds;
- if we do not survive life but rather end it - it is almost impossible to talk in the car (we do not even see the child attached in the back), but in the meantime it is a great opportunity;
- if you force the speech (tell me what was in the door; tell Aunt Kati the mother's verse, etc.);
- if interrupted at all times;
- if we do not turn there or frequently break eye contact;
- if you swipe;
- if you have spoken about the disorder before talking to others;
- if you do not understand a lot, fast-paced movies, cartoons: these will only become tense, and after turning off the parent will "crumble" to the limit of a lot of unprocessed information. Specialist: dr. Salné Polish Marriaian Development Teacher, Mentor Talk Center and Bookstore (tel: +36 1 343-1893) Book Submission: Richter-Brügge-Mohs: How Kids Learn to SpeakOther useful articles in this topic:
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