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Your child will always remain part of it

Your child will always remain part of it

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Not only theoretically, according to a study, it is scientifically proven that infants' genetic material remains in the mother's body for years.

Dr. Amy Boddy research has shown that this is reversed during each pregnancy, even if abortion ends in pregnancy. "At the moment, we do not know how fetal cells affect maternal health during or after pregnancy," says Dr. Boddy. "So, these cells can simply be a byproduct of pregnancy and have no effect on the mother's body."The baby is sure to send the cells However, the ideas are very interesting. As Boddy explains, one of the leading theories is that cells migrate through the mothers in order to help the baby after childbirth through breastfeeding and pregnancy. " But for the time being, it is theoretical, based on evolutionary biology, "says Boddy.

Safe cell contents

It's a bit like imagining that the fetus builds up a kind of safety content within the mother's body in order to make sure that after birth and when needed, adequate resources are available to the body. to protect the baby after birth.In the event of a conflict, the tissues can play an important role in the transfer of the resource to the infant - Boddy explained that such areas include the or blood (if the mammalian immune system attacks microchimeric cells). Researchers are paying close attention to the fact that baby cells are able to survive in the mother's body after decades of pregnancy, and (via)More Articles on Maternal-Fetal Relationships:
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