Paraanya akiуbanWhat's wrong with a kid if you think about everything?

Paraanya akiуbanWhat's wrong with a kid if you think about everything?

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Do not be fooled if the family thinks they are bullshit, because it is good for the child to try to keep it wrapped. Believe that the more you care for your child, the easier your life will be.

Looking at a child can have serious consequences if parents want to determine life too far. "From a developmental point of view, very much it's important to have your own experience, in which you may decide, make mistakes, and bear the consequences of such errors. It will not give him a sense of security if he does not encounter the problem, but the pain, that he can overcome the problem and endure the pain. "

You're raising an insane person

- It is very important that let it go, bribe it and praise the child a lotbecause he can only believe that he can handle the hardships - he says dr. Battonyai Tünde psychiatrist, leadership consultant. - If you keep it under control, you are blocking the development of your own internal control. In the long run, we risk the child losing confidence, taking over our anxiety, always turning to us for protection. He will become an insecure, indecisive adult.

It takes your anxiety

Looking at a child can have serious consequences for parents who want to determine life too far

In a 2009 study by the Children's Center at the Johns Hopkins Institute, they looked at the extent to which parents' anxieties affect the lives of their children. THE Golda Ginsberg working group showed that children with anxious parents develop seven times more currency he is anxiously walking. If a parent is anxious about a child, there is a 65% risk that the child will show similar symptoms. Researchers have suggested that anxiety is not genetically predisposed, and at most the child can develop a type of sensation from which anxiety develops. In the first place, resolving the parental behavioral pattern causes anxiety symptoms in children. Tehбt if you manage to dissolve, you have made the greatest stride in your child's healthy development.

You increase the risk of developing asthma

Parental anxiety in combination with other known environmental risk factors increases the risk of asthma in children. Contaminated air among children living nearby has increased asthma among those whose parents were more anxious, according to a report by BBC researchers in the US. Children are fully capable of absorbing parents' anxiety, anxiety, and even physical exertion.

You're back in development

A British research firm asked thousands of kids between the ages of 7 and 16 this summer about what kind of games they were educated on. THE we did not allow children to swim over children, a third of them could not catch, knocking on chestnut chains (traditional British games), 17 percent were not allowed to play, and 3 percent were allowed to play.
The research was commissioned by a play organization called Play England, which focuses on the healthy development of youth. Szerintьk parents should really let louder games goso that the skills of the children develop properly. After all, games that do not have any risk of injury are needed for the development of movement coordination. However, any child who cannot learn to learn from his or her failures or difficulties must also face serious learning difficulties in the latter, since movement is closely related to mental development and concentration.
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