18 moments when you need to praise your child

18 moments when you need to praise your child

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Don't just reward your achievements with a few nice words. These are just a few small moments that are more personal. Encourage and praise to feel that you love someone who doesn't do what they do. To be a real superhero.

Praise the little superhero!

Naturally, all parents are proud of their children, and this is still fine. When they are young, they often praise them for behaving well, tidying up, or helping. When they get bigger and go to school, play sports, play music, compete, praise them for their achievements. And we can really be proud of them. But we all know that life is not just about what you do. The most remarkable moments are rarely associated with an evilor sporty womenswear. Rather, we see the true development of our characters at the moments when we see them come together, or shine happily. Of course, there are a lot of team pictures, trophies, and diplomas, all of which are things to remember. much bigger and more memorable men our child develops a very personal personality when helped someone for the first timewho is hurt or when you are carefully watching and taking care of the little ones. 18 Cards That Don't Get Gold, While They Deserve It:
  • The first time they help someone who is hurt.
  • Make them hang out with a brother or a friend.
  • The first time my own money is buying a gift.
  • When a child is loving and kind with older relatives.
  • The first time they were completely immersed in a book.
  • The first time you notice that a song has touched your soul.
  • When we learn how to translate art.
  • When you get the best out of a bad day.
  • The first time he shows compassion and puts others first.
  • The first time they are able to give another (another) chance.
  • The first time he faced a weaker teammate against others.
  • To hear them give honest advice to their brothers and sisters.
  • The first time they teach their little ones something.
  • When they realize the importance of friendship.
  • The first sincere attempt to apologize.
  • The first time he had forgiven him wholeheartedly.
  • The first time he tried something anyway, he knew there was no chance.
  • The first time you accept a rejection is dead.

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