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If you want to lose weight, eat almonds!

If you want to lose weight, eat almonds!

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Consuming a handful of almonds a day keeps you hungry and eliminates the empty calories from fewer healthy foods.

If you want to lose weight, almond!

It is difficult for many of us to follow a balanced diet and stay slim. We want to lose weight, but we are incapable of giving up snacks, say chips or cakes. Yeah, huh, a recent research has shown that all we have to do is we took almonds from unhealthy thingsUniversity of Florida researchers say almonds a real miracle: consuming a handful of almonds a day can replace empty calories from snacking while lowering your intake and increasing your protein intake. The results show that if we eat almonds on a regular basis, we can generally improve our health. During the research, parents consumed 45 grams of almonds each day for up to three weeks, and children consumed 15 grams of almonds or the same amount of almond butter. quality measure. The Healthy Eating Index shows the extent to which a person complies with the USDA Guidelines for Americans. A score below 51 indicates an unhealthy schedule, a score between 51 and 80 requires improvement, and a score above 80 indicates a healthy schedule. At the beginning of the 14-week However, after the "almond kraze", the HEI score of both parents and children increased to 61.4 points for both parents and 61.4 points for children.
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