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High fashion is development. But not everyone knows that mental security and mental development are based on emotional security. However, this does not require the parent to sacrifice himself. It is better for the child to bring up adults who are self-aware.

If you are happy, so will your child

Only parents who are self-indulgent can make their children happier. Because the little ones take an example from their parents. First we see what the name or the name of a person speaks and moves, whether they live life with confidence or fear.We should not wear a mask, unknowingly They are guarded if we give a false image. Is it okay for a woman to live a temperamental, athletic life before she is pregnant, if she has to wall with her baby? Can I expect a dad of an explosive nature to behave quietly and gently? You always have to play football with the puppies, just because you want to be a good father? Of course not. Just as you do not have to apologize to your baby, even when you enjoy living at home, and after years in the workplace, you really do have the role of mother. I don't want to feel that they are the only ones responsible for their parents' happiness. Even less, we want to hear that you have sacrificed your best beauties. They are better off with the little, slightly upset mom who sometimes forgets to pack their fires or wash their favorite clothes in time than the one who constantly raises their guilt.Sooner or later, we want to educate ourselves only in our children - this is a big parent trap, let's stop it. We also have an obligation to replenish our energy supplies in time. Fortunately, children also gain a lot when parents think of "themselves only": an amateur handball father's son may not only be a sports enthusiast, but his mother-in-law will be a gentle kid. Now it looks like our hobby, our job, our two-week-old weekends are on the kid's head, but after years of discovery, we all win with us. One of our colleagues came back with a bad conscience. Well, even when you were abroad for a short while! How do you explain to your baby that she's not coming home again at night? Not so, baby! Bishkne told the ovis that her mom was going to work with a plane.

The example is bringing up

One of the most successful ways of learning is megfigyelйs And it is utбnzбs - the uggs already knew that. And modern psychology has proven itself by a number of experiments "a follower for learning" named the phenomenon that we all have to teach every day: our baby is accurately reprimanded by his father or mother in his voice, and by his rude use of a little brother or a cat, even though he had no idea. In fact, even when babies are able to mimic the facial mimicry of their lips: they open their mouths, put their tongues out if you see them. This obliges us all, parents, but also frees us a little from our responsibilities. It is imperative that we are educating our children with the power of education every minute of the day. At the same time, he has gone out of his way to carry out a number of purposeful actions, as he has seen us. Under the title of "Room Cleanliness", you don't have to do a party, you will notice and follow the example of "high school".Kovбcsйknбl you really can't be a good kid, he thinks Rita blossoming on the sandy edge. Sometimes they hear the third sound up to the ground level as their mother has grown with us. Instead of playing football with their cucumbers, their dad always beans on his bike. Not to mention the fuzzy pizza tips that are eaten instead of a regular lunch. But that's not the case. He tries to do everything according to the pedagogical guidelines about the child. They never went to a smoke-filled, loud dining room with him, he dared to recommend his couple when he tried to talk about a child-free long weekend, Lucбra, as much as he tries to kick the match. No wonder you are exhausted and disgusted by the evening. Despite all his efforts, however, even the indigestion also consumes. One of them was sold out by the Kovács children. They didn't even look like the bad parent, in fact, they were very cute! How can this be? - Rita continued.

Mother's own time

Once upon a time, it was natural for large families to have a number of women in distress besides the mother, and some of the natural people still take part in the care of the mother; their brothers and sisters, former friends and co-workers are lagging behind. Let's try to find help right up to the end of pregnancy that will replace the generations that are common in previous generations. Our new friends are also in our new situation: getting to know baby-loving couples at the birthing class or strengthening relationships with small families at work.

How do we protect ourselves?

Create a personal corner in the apartment where you can return: if you don't have the ability to sit outside, you may have a corner designed just for you. It is important to be aware of our family members: if Mom is on this armchair, it means that you should not be disturbed now. let's get on with our needs, and tell us exactly what you can do to help what we want. "Missing out" can be more than just a choice for men! Biztosнtsunk egymбsnak a idхt what sajбt kedvtelйsьnkre, barбtainkra fordнthatunk.Van who accepts a бllandу йs megbнzhatу bйbiszittertхl kцnnyebben the уrбkat paid as nagyszьlхktхl, szabadidхt.Szabadidхnket barбtnхktхl ajбndйkba was not elintйznivalуkra, hбzimunkбra fordнtsuk do not have the "mother tцkйletes" elkйpzelt to follow suit. It's okay to cook fried fish rods for lunch only once, instead of eight at nine o'clock, and read an interesting article in the room and keep an eye on the chair for a while.

Holy places

While preserving our individuality, we strive to balance the different areas of our lives. Let's imagine three shrines now! One is the work And a gluten place. Our office, our profession, our parents' responsibilities, our house, all the things we need to do are on the altar. цrцmй. Here we draw strength from our pets, our hobbies, our experiences, all the time we spend with our loved ones. In the third silence reigns. This helps us not lose sight of the hectic life. When we are here, we are at peace, we are clearing up troublesome situations, and we are recognizing further goals. It is not uncommon for us to follow an eight-time schedule. However, it is worth spending so much time in each of the iconic temples to feel at home.Here's how to improve:
  • Go ahead!
  • Trust us!
  • Help with your limitations