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Surprising information about little white balls

Surprising information about little white balls

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Plastic Cannabis, Overdose, Vibration, Diabetes: What is Homeopathy for?

Surprising information about little white balls

1. The amount of active ingredient is not important

Because of the many beliefs, there is really very little active substance in the drug itself - but the potential for potentiation, so the information contained in the drug is very much in the balls. Experience has shown that the body also senses a molecule of active substance vibration and is able to trigger the mechanism of self-destruction through the information it contains.

2. Do not touch metal

Vibration of the metal can change the effect of the drug, so never give it with a metal spoon, even with syrup, only in plastic. Plastic and glass are neutral chemicals. However, the balls can be taken much simpler - put in a screw-on cap (usually five eyes) and drop directly on the tongue. This method can be safely applied to very young babies.

3. Overdosing is not dangerous

You don't have to rush to the hospital even if your child has been snatched up and has taken a whole tube of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects - but they do have very much. In case of overdose, menthol-containing food, sugar, sugar should be given to the child, because its powerful taste and aroma counteract the effect.

4. Although you have diabetes, you should take it for people with diabetes

It can help a lot of people with diabetes, but it is important to count the saccharose content. One tube (about 80 balls) contains 3.4 grams and one serving contains 0.85 grams.

5. Different marking

Some tubes carry C, others show CH. There is no difference between the two agents! C indicates that the material has been prepared in several times thawing. H is the invention of homeopathy, the initial letter of the name Hahnemann.


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