The number of influenza-like illnesses has decreased

The number of influenza-like illnesses has decreased

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Influenza-like illness has fallen moderately in the past week: Between February 22 and 28, 44,030 patients referred to a doctor for flu-like symptoms, down 7 percent from the previous week, according to the Ozek Kemi.


At week 8, the number of referrals to physicians due to influenza-like illness increased in the eight counties, in the capital and in three counties (Békés, Hajdъ-Bihar, Somogy). Within a week their number increased by 40 percent in Csongrád county, by 20 percent in Baranya, Tolna and Vas counties, while in Heves county it decreased by half. children are most affected by the disease.
According to a report published on the website of the Center for Epidemiology, virologic examinations carried out in the OEK laboratory revealed that patients had an overwhelming majority of influenza B virus.
Thirteen counties and several capitals in the capital still have partial or total visiting bans due to influenza law.