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What's good about the kids?

What's good about the kids?

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You can barely come, march! Small animals are now almost an integral part of the baby's playground.

What's up with the kids?

An important stairway to improve when your little one is steering a vehicle. You can stimulate development in many areas, even with the plastic small engine, just be sure to buy the right size. Too low a bunny motor can adversely affect hippocampal development.TЙRЙRZЙKELЙS With this new movement, you gain new experiences from the tired leg. How fast objects get in the middle is easy to evade, everything looks like a government.KOORDINБCIУ Several tasks have to be solved simultaneously. You need to tune your various senses, hands, and feet for progress, direction. I want to go while I'm on the other side.REAKCIУIDХ He buys a ball that is driven by his power. So it's always moving at the speed you can control. Speed ​​strongly stimulates the perception and response acceleration. I'll hit the tree anyway, I have to stop it.

You can use the scooter to improve the balance

EGYENSЪLYЙRZЙK Later, with a scooter and pedal bike, you can safely practice balance, but with a bicycle solution, the balance does not improve because it deceives the child's sense of touch.ERХNLЙT It strengthens the muscles of the foot, and increases movement.
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