Acceptance plus a smile

Acceptance plus a smile

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I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, I was shocked to see how doctors and practitioners involved in pregnancy care, in general, thought about certain things.

If the results of my bloodshed were just around the corner, my home doctor suggested that I take medication, while my mother in law said it was nothing, not to worry about it. According to some experts, pregnancy vitamin is essential for the healthy development of the baby, while others would say it is the business tooth of the pharmaceutical industry, and it is for her. I just grew after reading a few things and found out that other results for pregnancy diabetes in Hungary, like in other countries in Europe, do not even begin to do so. The pediatrician says, the home doctor says, the guardian, the family, the mother-in-law, and the internet again. Should a child be given an optional vaccination? Yes, because in the western countries you are obligated to do so and stop the law, or because the possible side effects are far more troublesome in the long run than you think you are, amber ? Should fever be calmed down below 38 degrees to relieve the child's suffering, or not because fever is the body's natural reaction to cataracts? Should I Give An Antibiotic Or Use Homeopathy I Feel Like a Damn Thirteen-Year-Old Teenager at a Adult Party. Naive, believer, kiszolgбltatottnak I felt myself. It is a hell of a lot to say that in the name of the profession or in the light of experience, my child's best interests are at stake, but I'm just me, a lay person who wants the best for my baby. But I have to listen?! And the accents, twists and turns that I get from the professionals, if I dare to note that I read it on the Internet and read that ... After such visits, I always felt so unfortunate and confused. The Internet is also full of cynical, crappy or just deterrent articles, the authenticity of which I can't even verify. Somebody help, tell me who I believe? I'm pregnant with my fourth child now, and I have to tell you, I'm always on the lookout for this situation. What have I learned since the beginning? Well, mainly that the world is not black and white. I was raised by someone in my environment who always told me what's right and what's wrong in the world, what do I do if I want to write something down (just think of our school system) .Well, the world doesn't work. There are some who think so, some who are so and not sure who can tell who is right. (Once a specialist told me that a profession was divided on a certain request, 50 percent say, 50 percent is the opposite!) This situation cannot be changed, so the best thing I can do is accept and not be nervous about it . That is only for yourself. I also learned that it is worth listening to everyone's opinion with full openness, thanking the councils with a smile, and then - preferring to think about listening to our motherly sentiment. If somebody gets me a roll call or an audition for it, I don't buy it myself. Doctors try to take a non-personal slander. And the rest of the parents are vehemently dismissive. He's still taking my baby I know him best. This is my personal defense mechanism. I'm not saying it always works, sometimes they can still tread on my soul, but I'm getting more professional in it. And I've learned something important. If I want to keep my decisions and respect my decisions, then I have to do the same. After all, you get back from the environment what you radiate outward. So, if a mom I know is raising my child in a way that is not the same as my principles, I will not give birth, I will not comment. I simply accept that they are the best for them. And I'll do it with a smile to give you some positive energy - I know he'll just come out of resentment.Dear Mom, if you know yourself above, I suggest you follow my "Accept + A Smile" solution. We have to deal with so much difficulty, at least support each other a little bit, and one more thing: know that you are not alone in your doubts, your uncertainty! Surely we all struggle with it, who is more, who is less successful. But the more dilemmas you overcome, the more experienced and relaxed you will be. And what your kid will love the most.

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