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The first snacks

The first snacks

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Mt. Spring will be crescent. How do I get started on nutrition? Gitta asked. Here are your answers!

I think it is important that we do not worry about whether our baby will eat or not, he keeps our insecurity. You don't have a big deal right now, if you might be averse and don't accept the first bites. Your baby's screening may change in two to three weeks, something he has not eaten today, may be the closest he will eat. Generally, sweet tastes are favored, and so was ours. We advised you to start with fruit. We tried everything from apple juice to apricot, none asked. Nor did he eat the classic grated apple. I asked a few mothers-to-be about what had become of them. We told the peaches more, so we tried it and it went !!! Hurr, eat!
Unfortunately, we had a few minutes to complete the request, listing the ingredients we could use, but there was nothing specific about the preparation of the dishes and the baking. If I only gave my little ones food at first, I found that they were not so fond of it. However, if I tasted it with some fruit, I would eat it.
We started with potatoes like many others, but it was not there at all. I was looking for instant cereal mixers with no milk and made my own whipped milk with my own skimmed milk, he really loved it. To this I added shorter fruits.
Soft pieces
Robika was never a fan of peppers, so we got the very soft cooked greens, rape and potatoes. The steamed apples and banana pieces were also sold. But only mmmmm. My preference was to squeeze the sorrow into breast milk.
The good old shit
Among the first attempts, cakes have become our favorite. We varied that with potatoes, apples. After only a few weeks, he had eaten a lot of food, but he often missed it for half a year. He liked it with shorter cheese and chicken. Delicious, nutritious, and very easy to prepare.


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