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There are signs of empathy in a baby doll already

There are signs of empathy in a baby doll already

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For six months, babies have shown signs of empathy - more well-established Israeli researchers.

The Ben Gurion University (BGU) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) have studied six-month-olds' empathy to understand which situations are published and which are not.There are already signs of empathy for the baby doll The researchers first showed infants two videos in which a rectangular figure climbs up a mountain and faces a round figure. In one of the videos, the latter character was friendly and kind, the two figures returning to the foot of the mountain. In the second video, however, the round figure emerged as a bully, creating a rectangular figure that curled up. More than 80 percent of the little ones chose the character that was unfortunate. Recently, they were shown a video with the same characters, but now the babies couldn't see what the characters were feeling. In this case, the children showed no greater affection or empathy towards either of the figures. According to the experts, the results mean that First year of life, children are sensitive to other people's negative perceptions, and are able to provide an idea of ​​the context in which these feelings are expressed.
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