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We have always believed that preserving our health largely depends on creating the right balance. This is the disease of our time, even in the case of fungal candidiasis.

Candida albicans fungus proliferation is still a controversial issue in medical science. Some say it can be found in everyone, so you should only deal with it if it causes serious symptoms. Others, however, regard the century as a disease and provide a complete life program for controlling and reducing fungi. Candida, if the conditions are given, can infect anyone from infants to the elderly, and relapse can also be accounted for. In our case, three different medical practitioners share their experiences with our readers.

The doctor-nature-keen eyes

Dr. Laszlo Marria is a believer
All of our lives are full of a few antibiotics and, unfortunately, most of the family, unfortunately, the same applies to young children. This drug type was probably the greatest discovery of the last century, and its worth is still indispensable in the treatment of certain infectious diseases. Today, however, not everyone is aware of the consequences of common diseases. This may be the reason that we often target these drugs. Although treating basic problems is almost always a good idea, but healing and symptom control is a good thing to know: we have not solved the problem.
Slightly, much of the symptoms may include stinging diarrhea or stubborn constipation, posttraumatic stomach, winding, wheezing, whitish tongue, fatigue, fatigue. While adults are irritable, children may be tired or agitated, dumb, or sadly poor. Initially, the symptoms are mild and then worsen and the patient is taken to a doctor. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the antibiotic used not only killed the bacterium that caused the infection, but also the useful bacteria in the gut, which also prevent the growth of our living fungi.

Unpleasant Sensation - Candida infection

It is a sign of our infected body

The resulting bacterial infection always indicates a weakening of the defective system. During antibiotic treatment, the situation may worsen, and protection against viruses and fungi will be inadequate. Candied tea or sweet juice consumed during the illness helps the growth of the fungi. Thus, all conditions are provided for the proliferation of fungi on a wide variety of body areas.The antibiotic is not useful against the virus
Most viral diseases are overcome by the body itself, which cannot be helped by antibiotics. If we do this against viral diseases, our bodies will still be in greater trouble than if we had left it to heal itself: since some of the beneficial bacteria will die, leading to digestive disorders, .
If the use of an antibiotic is unavoidable, it is important to consider the consequences and how to prevent further problems. Following the antibiotic treatment, the vaginal and intestinal flour is applied with agents containing lactic acid bacteria. If you have a history of fungal infections, you will need to use a fungicide or fungicide in addition to the antibiotic.
Proper nutrition is also a very important part of healing.

Candida diet

Avoid sugary drinks, sugary or hard-to-digest foods during the course, but consume herbs, freshly squeezed, lightly-squeezed fruit juices, raw vegetable soups, cereals.
In this case, the patient is incapacitated because his or her body uses energy for healing and not for digestion. That is why we are consuming animal energy and fat, which requires a lot of energy for digestion. The only exception is a living yoghurt containing only lactic acid bacteria (especially when kept at room temperature for two days). Kefir should be avoided because it is made with mushroom cultures.

Let's also look for the causes!

Cure-free has not finished the cure, as the question is: why did the disease develop in the first place? Why couldn't the immune system deal with germs, viruses or, after all, with the proliferation of fungi?
The newborn's immune system has not yet been formed. By breastfeeding, we can provide the necessary antibodies to breast milk as long as its own defensive system is capable of killing the disease. In the breast system of breast-fed infants, fungi and other pathogenic bacterial bacteria settle after a few days, producing beneficial bacterial flora. Infant-fed infants develop a slow onset of intestinal flu, lack appropriate antibodies, and are therefore much more susceptible to infections and less likely to develop allergies.
The cells of our immune system are found in large numbers in the organs directly in contact with the outside world, especially in the intestines, and in the lower and lower pathways. We learn how to respond to the most diverse substances (including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites, hairs, dusts, toxins) that enter the environment through breathing and nutrition. Therefore, there is no need to clean up, but it is especially for the small child's environment to be disinfected. The clearer, non-contaminated environment we keep our healthy baby (non-immunodeficient), the more susceptible to infections and allergies.

The eyes of your baby-girl

Dr. Judit Boros Szsles-ngygyabszsz
Vaginal fungal infections are becoming more common. Three quarters of women may expect to experience this discomfort at least once in their lifetime. What are the predisposing factors? Candida fungus is also present in the healthy vagina, but it can multiply under certain conditions. If you have a recurring complaint, you may notice that the cycle is reversed by half, meaning that your condition worsens in the period before menstruation.
It is therefore responsible for the corpus luteum hormone, but the same is the case when you are taking a pill or during pregnancy. Certain drugs also work well. If someone has an illness (allergy or autoimmune disease) that makes it difficult for them to take a corticosteroid that works on their immune system, they will experience the same thing.

Fight for the place of origin

Most often, however, it can be attributed to fungal disease after antibiotic treatment. In this case, we also favor fungi: remember, we can fight the bacteria again and again by using the substances (like penicillin) originally used by the fungi in the plant.
No wonder we can kill the bacteria that are useful to us from the vagina and the intestinal tract, and the fungi all lick them in the middle of an antibiotic that protects and protects them. And if you add a little sugar to all of this because we drink honey tea or we eat a birthday cake, we really do our best to feed and grow. Only a little stress is lost in our lives - this can slow down our immune system - and in March, the white, vaginal discharge with reversible, unpleasant vaginal itching appears.
The treatment is not simple as the root causes are compounded. There are pills, ointments, tablets for oral use, but none of the soluble fungal fluids alone can solve it. It is important to use cotton whites, the use of appropriate intimate soap in lactic acid, a diet that is very exclusive to eating, a lifestyle change and, if any, the aforementioned predisposing factors.
The drug, which can be taken in the form of a expensive but single effective tablet during pregnancy, is not recommended in drug tests, only after weighing the benefits and in some cases the doctor has decided to prescribe them. It is far more common to use antifungal thumbs several times during pregnancy, but symptoms begin to develop at the beginning. This treatment can be expected in the pre-natal period to prevent the fetal skin that has passed through the birth canal from being faded by fungal colonies.

The leather shoe with eyes

>Dr. Mervia Cserveny is a pediatrician, skin care specialist
Madarab Street Children's Hospital and Order
Diseases caused by serous fungi (candidacles) cause a lot of difficulties in infancy. In particular, the treatment of inflammation of the penile area and diaper skin is important and should be performed under the supervision of a specialist.
Serious mushrooms live on the skin, in the mouth, on the inside and on the vagina, and do not cause any complaints if they do not multiply. Otherwise, however, the symptoms of fungal diseases appear.


If you are infected with the newborn, you will experience complaints seven to ten days later. The most common form is soap, which can be found in the form of a white, highly adherent loading on the tongue, which is slightly white. They cannot be removed by simple downloading. It takes seven to ten days for salmon to heal. In cases that often develop or do not improve locally, oral medication may also be required.
After soapy washing, screw a sterile steamer or a cloth diaper heel that has been previously soaked in a burrax solution into your little finger. The loading is eliminated with a determined movement and even rubbing. A small, bleeding area may remain in the mushroom, but you do not need to be frightened.
Please note that the used gas sheet should not be re-applied to the bursax glass. It is better to perform the treatment before feeding. Before breastfeeding, the nipple and nipple, and if soother is used, should be lubricated with a bureax solution to prevent the fungal infestation and survival.


The other most common form of fungal skin diseases is severe inflammation of the skin covered with diapers, which can not only be a scare but also cause pain and anxiety to the baby.
The cause of diaper rash is the almost permanent moisture that soaks the skin. The abrasive effect of the diaper and the mixing of urine and faeces result in inflammatory substances. They damage the skin for a short period of time, in the long run, in the flesh. The inflamed skin adheres to the fungi, and by then we have seen tiny bumps on the skin.
Therefore, the use and frequent replacement of disposable, moisture-wicking diapers is important. So the skin can be kept dry. When cleaning, clean the baby's buttocks with a cotton swab or a cotton swab, and then wipe it dry with a sponge. Most of these contain anti-fungal agents, barrax, zinc oxide. This treatment should continue for about two weeks.
Leave citrus, tomato, succulent, and spinach out of the diet for a few days, because they contain fatty acids that increase skin inflammation. Sweet teas also promote the growth of spongy mushrooms. Also, do not leave regular use of polish protection creams after healing, as they provide a fun protective coating on the skin.

Do we buy textile diapers?

Not recommended because regular use of disposable, high-moisture disposable diapers is less frequent and less severe than inflammation.

Is camomile washing or other disinfectant effective?

It is enough to wash the butt with clean water! Be sure to cleanse the skin after cleaning. The use of soft pads is advantageous.

Fungal infections of the nipple

If, during the first part of breast-feeding, you experience increased sensitivity after the first one to two weeks, and after breast-feeding, itching, or sharp, useful pain, and possibly a fungal infection, develops. This can go hand in hand with the baby, but not necessarily. Its development is often facilitated by wounds due to improper breastfeeding technique or individual sensitization, as the flesh is easily adhered to the fungus. The nipple and the nipple may be pinkish or may have pale, often white-covered or cracked wounds. In severe cases, the amount of braxaxal depletion does not prove to be effective and requires an ointment.
A predisposing factor is undercurrent or postpartum antibiotic treatment. Leave the breasts free until healing, and do not use bras and bras. Wash items that come in contact with the wound daily. Contamination can also be maintained with equipment that has not been properly cleaned and disinfected for a sufficient period of time. Powerful restriction of sugar consumption helps healing.

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