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Even a little alcohol can cause miscarriage

Even a little alcohol can cause miscarriage

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Already low alcohol consumption at the beginning of pregnancy can cause problems.

Even a small amount of alcohol can cause miscarriage, researchers warn that even small amounts of alcohol consumed during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. This was based on the analysis of 24 studies, completed in 1970 and 2019, A total of 231,000 women in the survey participated in the research.Based on the data, I found that even a little alcohol increases 19% of the vetйlйs kockбzatбt. For women who consume less than 5 drinks a week for a week, every additional drink during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage by an additional 6% per week. - Because of the high risk of alcohol consumption during early pregnancy, it is important to understand the relationship between alcohol and miscarriage Alex Sundermann, a researcher who is a PhD student at Vanderbilt Medical University in Nashville, said problems such as fetal alcohol syndrome have been linked to heavy alcohol consumption. - However, our study shows that lower alcohol consumption also increases the risk of miscarriage, said the study's leader. vetйlйsre. According to a previous study, most women stopped drinking after finding that they were having a baby, but the study did not look at the effect that alcohol consumption had had on the risk of abortion. - The basics of fetal development are laid during the first few weeks, while the home test is not yet proven - and this is the time when alcohol is most exposed. It's also important to understand the impact of consumption on the first few weeks, "said research director. Sundermann also noted that 3 out of 1 women experience polling, and many people don't get the answer why. In his view, further research is needed into the risk factors of the miscarriage. - Most pregnant mothers consider it important to do their best to keep their baby as healthy as possible okay, if you know it so we can make the best decisions - he said (VIA)Related links:


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