7 Tips to Make Your Home Life Easier

7 Tips to Make Your Home Life Easier

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Now, are you a mother, a wife, or a lover? And your poodle? Dad, male or hooded? And how could you afford to let a little whisper pack wake up in the next room at any time?

Then you can go on and on about what's going to please a fresh parent, that is, what can lighten up, or generally prevent the awakening ... Because the mantra is that you can also have the baby , milk is dripping, and your stomach is ugly! And, of course, you haven't had time to take your weeks off and sleep more, if you have an empty bed, don't "waste" your sex (sleep) time on sex. Intimacy does not move far from the parent's home after the birth of a baby, is only temporarily parked, and requires greater awareness of the parents' ability to return to each other. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, sometimes the simplest tricks bring the biggest change. You play them all the way to the piano, if you feel like that, you're ready for the chancel again!

Weak, loving intimacy is important

1. The medically recommended sex-free period is usually six weeks, that's when you need to go back to checking, and if your grooming is okay, bedding acrobatics can officially start. By then, the birth-related mourning will heal, and you, as parents, will already know your child's sleep habits, which can be a bit affected.
2. Predict your pregnancy questions ahead of time, as you should think about this first time! The biggest belief is that you cannot get pregnant during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding only has a non-fertile effect if the baby is breastfeeding according to the need, that is to say, if she is breastfeeding (milk, water, nutrition, solid food), it takes six hours more. Sex can be freed up if you don't have anxiety about unwanted pregnancy.
3. If you are breast-feeding or if you are having a baby, be aware that your vagina may still be moisturized for a simple hormonal reason. The act may relieve the ordinary snipers, but their effect is only temporary. However, there are vaginal stimuli that help restore moisture, so that the moist vagina is permanently hydrated. Ask your doctor, your pharmacist, it is worth trying some of the drugs so that the act can be pleasant again!
4. Begin getting close to each other with gentle strokes, tightening, like a public bathing, to help relieve the initial tensions.
5. There may be a fixed day of the week when they ask for help, this may be your date. They will not have to have a lot of hot sex during the middle of the day, first with big walks, maybe cinema, theater, dinner, getting closer and closer to each other.
6. First of all, orgasms should not be the goal, but rather emotional pleasure!
7. There is an important rule in these common games: ask your couple right at the beginning to be patient with youand, to be honest, give him feedback about what is going well and what is unpleasant. You may also be interested in:
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