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Your child was born with a baby donated by a dead donor

Your child was born with a baby donated by a dead donor

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First of all, she is a born child of a woman whose womb was raised from a dead man, but from a dead man. They had tried it before, but they had never succeeded.

His child was born to a woman who had been given birth by a dead donorThey have tried dozens of times to have a dead man raise a baby, but so far no one has been able to give birth to a child. The mother, who is 32 years old, gave birth to a mother without a rare disease. The donor died in stroke at 45 years old and was a mother of three. The woman became pregnant on the week after the implantation, the week after her artificial insemination. After the baby was born, the doctors removed the womb. The case was reported by Brazilian doctors at the University of Sao Paulo.Related articles in the topic of editing:
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