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Free Ultrasound Screening and Complex Prevention Program for Infants

The Gayseng Foundation provides modeled, free programs with ultrasound screening and preventive groups at the Central Institute for Drop Homes of the Budakalassian Center for Early Childbearing and Dependent Families.

Free ultrasound screening and complex prevention program

The first element of the two-step, model-valued program is the ultrasound screening. Infants aged 6-8 weeks may experience a number of problems with the device that can be cured more easily and effectively in the early period. cozy conditions examinations are especially important for those with a family history of developmental abnormality, kidney disease, or dementia, or when the parent feels that the child's development is slower, more or less At the screening test examining the head, abdomen and hips the foundation's specialist.After that, the family is a free, well-suited player, preventive group work they may participate with the assistance of foundation experts. The babies in the dressing sessions are tuned to the gym by traditional baby massage and exercise, and then playful exercises. In addition to facilitating communication, alignment between the child and the parent, they improve the baby's movement and nervous system function. The occupations are followed by a professional consultation followed by a physiotherapist, a pediatrician, a psychologist, a venerable participant. The Gayseng Foundation provides assistance to more than two thousand children each year in early childhood intervention. Majority is born prematurely or demented, but there are many families who are concerned about the proper development of their children or who want to take part in a developer and skillful careers program. The Geaseng Foundation is welcoming newborn children to families! lŠ¹tre.