Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning

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Once the baby's first tooth is out, we need to clean every morning and evening.

Of particular importance is the evening cleaning before the baby goes to bed, because during sleep, the tooth protector is formed in smaller quantities, which means that the sugar-containing plaque may remain much longer. Morning tooth brushing helps to eliminate the build-up of newborns.The primary purpose of brushing is to eliminate as much build-up as possible, and toothbrush can do this task most successfully with fluoride. There are beautiful toothpastes for children. With a toothbrush printed on the toothbrush, we can clean all the teeth. You may find it more comfortable to clean your baby's teeth with a soft index finger initially, and only when you are used to brushing, start brushing your teeth properly, let's play a little with the toothbrushto get used to it and not start worrying. Toddlers usually think it is good to try brushing their teeth at a very early age, because you have to brush your baby's teeth before they get old. I'm sure you wash your baby's teeth by the age of 6.

Your job is brushing your teeth, but let it wash, but it's best to wash your little teeth

Since the introduction of fluoride-containing toothpastes, children's teeth are much healthier because they help protect teeth and tooth. Fluoride in almost every toothpaste strengthens the tooth enamel to counteract deposits more effectively. The amount of fluorine required varies with the age of the children; a small amount of fluorine can also be found in pure water.


We may take our child with us when we go to dental check-ups to get used to dentistry and generally to doctors. Even if you regularly check your teeth before any treatment is needed, your toddler will learn that there is nothing to do with dentistry. up to the age of three, there is no need for dental examinationand the dentist will only see if the tooth is developing normally. Your dentist can also advise you on proper dental care.These will also be useful:
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