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Early adopters: what kind of development do you need?

Early adopters: what kind of development do you need?

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What can we do for a dude who has prematurely seen the light of day? What kind of help and developer can we give him to help him to catch up on his back sooner?

Early adopters: what kind of development do you need?

Newborns are those who are born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature babies who weigh less than 2500g are small. Born with a weight of between 1000 and 1500 g, the little ones are very lightweight, while those under 1000g are considered to be extremely lightweight.Of course, premature birth means not only the smaller weights and dimensions, but also the fact that - inside the man - It must obsess over the process of aging and growth, now in the outside world.As sooner the little one comes to the world, the more you are left behind to start your life, it is extremely important that you have the best of your life and the very best in your life.

The parent is the first developer

The premature baby is yours. the Perinatal Intenzen Centers (PIC) get invaluable support and help to get home with your parents as soon as possible.In these specialty centers, you are getting more and more involved with the tasks, as people, the personal contact between the child and the parent is unbearable in this very sensitive process. But how can a parent develop in a special premature intensive center? For example, the kangaroo method. The kangaroo method, when a little is placed on the mother's chest, produces a great deal of beautiful skin contact: regulating your body temperature, and even the rhythmic air of your mother, will also have a positive effect on your newborn breathing. breastfeeding significance also for the early parents. Breast milk is also the best nutrition and medicine for the little ones, as its composition is tailored to its small needs and has the components it needs for the development of the nervous system and even the retina. Studies have also shown that premature infants born with breast milk will have better nutritional value than infants born with diets.

What kind of development can the older person still need?

One of the most common problems in early childhood is nervous system invulnerability, it is caused by muscle tension or slackness, but it can also be a problem with overloading your business. learning or behavioral problems, movement coordination problems, or speech developmental disorders.According to these, monitoring of an early birth requires more attention and professional support.

Who can help us with this?

First of all, the neurologist should be highlighted every three months until his / her first birthday he was suffering then the batch-specific early developer should begin immediatelywhich is a property planned complex program. This includes diagnostic tests, pediatric development, and various therapies that can be used at development centers, even without a medical prescription. These centers can be found in Budapest and in major cities. Here you can seek the work of several specialists (pediatrician, pediatrician, physical therapist, integration specialist). You can also ask for help from the regionally competent Pedagogical Service. Here is where you can look for help.For parents and their premature children for help with the following issues:
- Late development
- movement, hearing or visual problems
- Speech discomfort
- behavioral disorder, social disabilities, relationship problems
- Concerns about eating, sleeping, and room cleanlinessIf your child is under 18 months old and a pediatric neurologist recommends development, the area's competent developer will conduct a free developmental examination. is always in the parent's presence at certain times of the week, but it is important that regular home exercises also complement these weekly occasions. The fejlesztйshez tцbbfйle mуdszer йs terбpia also бll rendelkezйsre, these professionals will kivбlasztбsбban the szьlхk segнtsйgйre.Termйszetesen no egyedьli ьdvцzнtх terбpiбk: egyйnre always tailored to the szьlх йs be kivбlasztani and kombinбlni egymбssal the kьlцnfйle fejlesztйseket йs terбpiбs mуdszereket child igйnyeihez.

What therapies can be used in the development of preterm infants?

Military mуdszer: a diagnostic and therapeutic approach for neurodevelopmental disorders (eg, brain lesions, myocardial disorders, breastfeeding). Parents perform neurobehavioral exercises with their children 4-6 times a day. The method can be used wherever there is a pediatric neurology specialist.DSGM (Pet Special Manual Technique-Gymnastics Method): Special Motion Rehabilitation for Impaired Movement, Posture Disorders, Muscle Problems, Speech Development and Attention Deficit.Petх-mуdszer: is a therapeutic method used in the treatment of the central nervous system, whose main task is to learn. During the therapy, the nervous system's areas of interest should be included in the exercises.Ayres-terбpia: balance and tactile sensory games, which are impaired by movement or speech development, impaired attention, difficult to adapt, impaired learning,TSMT (Planned Sensomotor Trening): gymnastics for impaired speech development, speech disorders, learning and integration disorders, hyperactivity and attention disorder, which requires unavoidable parental activity and assistance.HRG (Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics: develops sensory and motor abilities, can help with speech and movement development, can help with muscle toning problems, and resolves behavioral problems.)

What kind of developer can parents do at home?

For the prematurely born is particularly important proper agenda (sleep-waking). Because of the more sensitive nervous system, premature babies need a restful, restful sleep, which is crucial for regeneration and growth.Moreover, muscles can be normalized babamasszбzs. It is important that you ask a specialist to help you acquire the proper technique! Provide your child with a variety of visual stimuli: hands on different shapes and tactile materials; allow you to spend the same time on your belly and belly. If you still can't hold on to small objects, let's keep them in your hands, move your arms in front of your eyes. , the with more frequent portability biztosнthatjuk. Therefore, the little one can be a mother to all activities of the mother. Talk development with songs, sayings, tales is most effectively supported. However, one of our most important things to do is provide security and support our personal presence, our physical contact with the little one. Provide the best opportunity for body contact that can be achieved by carrying the kangaroo method at home. More interesting articles in this topic:
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