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From diet to relapse

From diet to relapse

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What can those who have run many times but always brought back what they have cast? Do you know the deadly contradictions of losing weight? The catches are grouped into five characteristic statements.

From diet to relapse

I want a quick and fast result!

Of course, the idea is worthwhile: get it all over first! However, it is generally true that loss of results is quick or results very rarely, or perhaps never proves to be persistent. Significant and rapid weight loss requires drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle. Much less food, a very different diet, which is often one-sided or too many on the blacklist. Even starvation can be borne out if the message floats in front of our eyes, for example, that it only needs to be done for two weeks. You bet you'll be eating more than ever and eating less and more. You may keep this in mind for a while, but you will find yourself bringing back the casts. The reason is that it is hunger effect for increased storage your metabolism has changed.
What can you do?
If you fall into this trap a few times, ask a dietitian or gastro-psychologist for help in developing a personalized plan that takes into account your personal weaknesses. It has a peppery price, and maybe it will also encourage you to take it seriously!

I don't have time to move!

That's just an excuse! If you really want it, you will find the opportunity for what is important to you. Therefore, let's see what lies behind these excuses! You are clearly aware that exercise is important if not to lose weight, but to improve your shape, your health, your fitness. But it is difficult for you to go, it is not good for you to move, because you are very strenuous, legally uncomfortable and weak, and you have to look in the mirror with an eagle to look and feel like you are not moving. But being an athlete is not beneficial because it is overly stressful and because you hardly want to move from muscle to muscle the next day. This, in turn, serves another purpose of relaxation.
What can you do?
THE gradually increased load and regularity that's what helped it. So you get drenched with enduring muscle mass and you'll find yourself getting better and better. And this will be your best stimulating force! Prepare yourself a weekly or two-time schedule with two alternatives every day. For example, you need to devote ten minutes to your exercise routine twice a day.
Schedule organized exercise, running, home gym, outing, climbing every day - things that seem realistic to your circumstances. Ideas can be found here in the baby room as well!
You will have enough playground to choose something else if one fails. Decide what is the minimum and don't worry about it!

This pair does not count!

Birthdays, weekdays, business days, parties, dinner invitations - our lives are incredibly revolving around eating. If you are not careful and determined, every other day, every third day, will be something extraordinary. It will be difficult to lose weight! Because exceptional occasions count. They stagnate in your determination, and they always add a little bit more to what's "inside." Of course, iron gossip cannot last for a long time, because then you will make yourself feel that you are missing something.
What can you do?
If you can, get involved in menu planning. Take it with you, or do something that fits in the best way with your changed diet (like cake, but with calorie-free flour, whole wheat flour, no sugar). Suggest a healthy meal at the restaurant.
Suggest another program instead of eating: adventure, treasure hunting, social games, such as Activity, Dixit, movie popcorn, kula, or off-the-shelf health.

I love to eat!

With this, many are, and are not, by chance, because it is good to eat. However, it is worth considering why your thoughts are always on the table! Do you miss the challenges of your life? Is it worthwhile to try something new? Or, on the contrary, is going to eat, the rest of the meal that is too little? Or are you having trouble with diet plans? Do you find it unanimous, light business? Therefore, small compromises can help a lot!
What can you do?
Cooking has greatly improved the knowledge of the food, and all the ingredients can be prepared in many ways. If you love cooking, experimenting, put that passion into creating healthy and delicious foods. This is generally not impossible, and from the Internet, from raw glass blogs, or from the post-birth book to recipes, you can get a lot of ideas for family meals that you can customize. For example, because you have a lot of ideas for raw glass recipes, you do not need to switch to whole raw food. You can make great ones without your fattening or unhealthy ones!

Now it doesn't work!

If you have consistently lost more and lost weight, and you have not succeeded in losing weight despite adhering to the guidelines, you should consult a specialist. Of course, it's not about those who buy 15kg in a week, because there's nothing surprising if you can't manage it.
What can you do?
The specialist fordulбs elsх lйpcsхje can hбziorvos: х elvйgeztetheti the alapvetх vizsgбlatokat which dogged tъlsъly esetйn includes pajzsmirigymыkцdйs vizsgбlata йs thorough sugar metabolism vizsgбlat, which is not csupбn a vйgzett йhgyomorra vйrcukorszint-meghatбrozбsbуl бll but ъgynevezett HbA1c vizsgбlatot also йrdemes elvйgeztetni , which is capable of indicating average blood glucose levels for almost three months. Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome as a condition that may correlate with weight and weight difficulties, and the tests needed to clarify it, are here.
But wherever you start, if you want to be healthy and give up the fireflies, you can't avoid regular sports or shifting your routine. Some of your conditions and metabolic disorders can be medically beneficial, but you can only hope for a quality and lasting change if you add a hundred percent of what is unique to you.
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