Judit's diary - Week 23I'm seeing you all!

Judit's diary - Week 23I'm seeing you all!

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At first I thought it was the warmth or the front that caused the blush, but it turned out to be completely different.

I think it is more frightening to feel than to wake up to the fact that you will always be lost, there is none. I started a little bit like Muka Muka ... and I think I could scream "help!" Because the hubby was instantly uplifted (the other day she didn't remember the whole thing), and she immediately tried to give up on me. I spent the next half hour in this half-lying, half-weaning position, while trying to reassure myself that no, I wouldn't get a brain run. I say: advanced neurotic chic immediately thinks the worst. After calming myself down and kicking the kid in my stomach, I slowly descended from the gallery and tried to juggle what might be the cause of the heartburn.
Of course, I found all kinds. It may be high blood pressure - or it may not be because it is usually low or completely normal for me. Blood sugar, I know I would have gotten tired right away. Neither my nausea nor my faint sight, nor my thirst or numbness. Then what's my problem? I barely waited until eight in the morning to call the guard who immediately said the answer: vena cava inferior syndrome. And since he knows exactly what kind of panic I am, he quickly reassured me that after childbirth, he would die, there was no gas, just no more lying on my back, because I was going to quit right away. Thanks so much, I calmed down, but still. What is vena cava what ?! All that happens is that when we lie down, the weight of the bee pushes down the aorta that runs down the spine, that is, the calyx and the vein that sits next to it. The wall of the aorta is muscular, elastic, harder to compress, but not the vein. It's just like stepping on a soft rubber tub made from a garden spout: the amount of flowing water would be significantly reduced. In this posture, less blood is returned to the heart via the abdominal cavity, and after a few heart runs, the supply runs out: less blood is passed to the brain.
The consequence of this is the feeling of being sick, the blood pressure decreasing, the feeling of being sick. Defense response responses to stress are triggered: the heart rate is increased to maintain circulatory function, but it is not critical for extrinsic circulatory function because the heart can deliver less blood to the fetus. Probably that's why I got the frost. Because I can feel what he is feeling, my poverty must have rushed in and out of fright. The solution is very simple: you have to sleep on your side, preferably without having to go to the back. A little baby on the net suggested the "banana" or "breastfeeding" pillow, lying on the lighter side, and the person's foot does not numb too much. I sent the beard to buy one, I saw a very cute one at Podmaniczky's, a baby shop with a giraffe and a little girl. By the time he got home with his colorful, elongated pillow, he was so upset (I think he had more than a laughing stock on the street) that he drank a beer right away and told me that he would have just a little fun. Now I didn't understand what's wrong, I bought the anti-stroke cream alone ...