The theory behind all scientific examinations is a hypothesis. Then comes the method that verifies or approves the premise. It has also been scientifically proven that the trifles that grow in the womb learn many, many things by the time they come to the world.

We have known for a while that fetuses know not only the sound of their mother, but also the melody, poem or even the prose that Mama repeated a lot during the visit. Newborns respond to these memories in a special way. Apart from genetic codes, it can also be due to the fact that the musician is born into a puppy or is a musician himself, or, if he does not, he has a certain affinity for music in his life.

Universal sounds

There is a world-wide experiment with music, this universal "speech". In fact, there is no need to prove that music has a fun effect on the fetus who, after childbirth, accurately recognizes the tunes he or she has heard.
But, as in so many other areas, we are at the forefront of such experiments. For we had (had) a master who said at that time, the methodical music education that a child can be a mortal must begin nine months before birth.
The words of Zoltán Kodály Febegi's recent piano play have urged him to experiment, but he is just as he is today in the world of music.
As far as we know, he is the first to bring regular live music to the fetus. In other words, it sits down on the piano and deliberately brings together a repertoire of yet invisible but sensible, inclusive audiences.
The idea of ​​the musical experiment was supported by Semmelweis University's No. 1 Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Pregnant females get the chance to take the baby to concerts twice a week if they want. My wife plays once in the clinic and once in her own home to support or hypothesize the babies born in the world for a few months: live music offers much more than canned music.

Let's get into their world

It was cold on the Sunday evening when we visited Fellegi's house. The downtown home's enormous room, however, was crowded - with nearly forty pregnant moms bringing the call of the mother-in-law. An indescribable atmosphere was created in the casual concert hall. It was not the mothers who acted foolishly, but the fetuses indicating that we are here, prepared because we know that they are prepared for something that will be very good for all of us.
We were not included in our world, but we ended up in the plants. When the first tune of Mozart's A-grandmother was ringed, mothers almost always began caressing their tummy.
Anyone who has given birth to life knows this is a maternal reaction to the baby's positive signs. As the music fluttered, the fetus became lucian, and we became like the innocent Edenic.

Mother scent art

And the pure Child showed himself in the whole year. Like I used to live in Bernstein, he was "ejected" from the adult body by removing the closed-mindedness that is so characteristic of the arts.
"All creations of all seasons are for the mother," says Fellegi. - Look, Mom, what am I capable of! The genius living in Mozart also proves this. A big expense that the mother wants to take away. Art has a motherly scent.
Then Bach, Flour, came. Then a fresh classic, Scott Joplin's fierce Ragtime, because the beat is the oldest. Everyone is very toothy about it, because it is the great organizer of life. Rhythm, heart rate, seasons, sea rush, sleep and waking, the rhythm of movement and articulated human speech.
The fetuses indicate: this is good, you know it.
It doesn't need to be proven that music has a healing power. Legendary piano player Freud regularly visits the psychiatric institute to open the gates of the soul with its play.
For example, in Bach's music, patients with severe catatonia enter the present - temporarily.

It can't be touched

In this sacred blessing, no one is bragging, though most can barely survive on their big tummy. To Liszt's love life, the fetus gives her mother a sense of impotence.
And I recommend every sentence of the midsummer, listening to the music, the baby's good sense, the common aura with the child, the other mothers, and the immortal genius.
Live music has nothing to do with energy. Love, acceptance.
- The big question is whether the musical child will be significantly more advanced than the classical live music fetuses. I think so, that's my hypothesis. You'll find out. I am convinced that I could have been bought by me because my mother went to many concerts during her pregnancy. When I was born, I was very familiar with music, so I could easily learn the language.

There's the moral

There's a break: a nap, a few slices of Neapolitan and a stone for the priests. Tummies fill the space of the dwelling. There are many, but no loud voice is heard. There is something you can't (and maybe you don't) name.
My believer believes that the person who understands music is the better man. Where there is music, there is a moral. Conversely, where there is no music, rudeness, innocence, earthly prey can prevail. Material is power there. If we succeed in proving the prerequisite, we will face new tasks. But it makes sense for us to do something for the enthusiastic home of Zoltán Kodaby.