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Every child has the right to attend high school. Whatever your illness or disability, it develops much better when you get involved. Of course, most people are not looking for a special kindergarten because they really need it.

It's easy to believe that learning French in the end of kindergarten, riding, and playing tennis will give him a much better chance of going to school and the rest of his life. However, at this age children should not play, but play! If the family has to pay a lot of money, rush on the bus and bus every day, the child may become richer with just a handful of doses. Even if the kindergarten is very good! Because it could also be that a simple, free, state-run kindergarten would be just as perfect. Selecting a school is generally not an easy task.

Language education for high school

It seems very attractive, but unfortunately, kindergartens do not have much meaning! If you come in twice a week to train your child for words, to teach your children songs, you will not be able to use the language or help you learn the language. What a child learns with this method in three years, a school learns in a week! So it is unnecessary money and time wasting.
The same is true when a child comes to a two-language high school where he hears a foreign language all day. In these cases, you can really learn many things over the long years, even at basic level - but only if the two of you are at least one native speaker. (Not speaking at native language! That's not enough!) But even if parents speak the language, they can use it at home. They practice with the child, read to him or her, maybe go to the country every summer, or have anything else to do with the other culture.
It is difficult to learn a language if, as a general rule, only the children speak the language and the children continue to chat in Hungarian. If the company is more international than that, the child's situation is not simple, he scares me a lot, and he is very anxious to get into a community where he doesn't know what they are being told!
Heidi German National Nursery School, 2084 Pilisszentiván, Szabadsбg utca 219. Phone: 26-367-369;
Mackуkuckу Foundation School, 1106 Budapest, Vбltу u. 40. Phone: 06-30 / 59-11-420

Sports in kindergarten, for kids

Sports can't be ignored, many parents think. Free air, lots of exercise, and even kids will surely be overwhelmed by the evening. Бm exercise and sports education are not the same. Open-air running, game developer power, tension guide. But studying sports, following the rules, adapting to the others, can put a heavy strain on the body and the soul.
It is true that small children can learn sports much easier and faster at such a time that they have grown very difficult. Riding, skating, skating, skiing - by the time you realize how dangerous you are, what kind of injuries you have, are at a level that requires little risk.
Stacking sports is never worthwhile, either. Children at this age need not to go out for sports but to become familiar with life in their own way. Parenting is something that a common sports developer can do - but if a foreign educator explains the rules to them, the reception is not always favorable. Before school, it is rarely worthwhile to start learning sports with your child. The goal is to have time for jogging and playing!
Ъszu Penguin Уvoda, Budapest, Hajós Alfréd National Sports Pool, Tel: 30-940-87-27;
Tigers School, 1021 Budapest, Levél utca 6. Phone: 31-68-296;

Alternative methods of schooling

Waldorf, Montessori, end to end education, Freinet, activity center and countless other, very attractive special kindergarten programs. However, many who intend to have children in such an institution are not really aware of the nature of the method followed. Rather, they hope for the new guarantee that this place will have its own, personalized childhood and development. Possibly less disciplined, more method-related experience.
This is generally true. However, there may be practical disadvantages to choosing such a school. For example, remoteness from the dwelling or a petty foundation contribution. There is a door to take the child home in the afternoon, because there is no possibility for sleep or lunch. Generally, parents are expected to participate actively in the life of the nursery, even though the cleaning should be done for them.
It is worth considering whether you can stay with your child until the age of six. Who can even pay the basic fee for a little over two years? The methods and tools of the alternative school are very special, and this is the reason why they have been adopted by many "ordinary" schools. If you look around, you might find it much closer, and for free, you will find almost the same institution, but without much branding.

Practice in kindergarten

It sounds a little alarming at first hearing, though it is not the kids who practice it, but the adults! Future Uvins should learn how to deal with children, and newly trained Uvuns will help with this initiative.
At first glance, the parent may be disturbed by the frequent presence of foreign observers in the group. But experience has shown that kids get used to it very early and don't bother them. The presented days also have their drawbacks, so you have to go in earlier, the program is more closed, but there are many benefits. In the so-called presenting space, children usually do very exciting things for the upcoming owl to see how much they are fit for what so many old-schoolers are open to.
ELTE Practice School, 1226 Budapest, Csцrsz u. 53 / a ,.
Fvvrosi Practice School, 1068 Budapest, Vosrosligeti Fasor 30. Phone: 351-29-12
Kecskemét, Practical Training Center, Tel .: 76-501-794

Church school

Religious schools are often a peaceful island, because parents who bring their children here are religious themselves or something important for their children to grow up in. The fact that parents are religious practitioners is not usually a requirement for admission, though it can be an advantage in case of over-registration.
Generally, children are not required to attend a service in worship or, more generally, to have a creed, faith is more a part of everyday life. Common meditation, conversations about religion, teachings, and, of course, holidays are more common in religious history. It is a great advantage that the community is generally united because it is the spiritual background, the values ​​and the way of thinking that is deceiving for all ages.
Buddhist Уvoda, Tel: 30-99-127-66,
St. Anna's Kindergarten, 1047 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc utca 18. Phone: 369-09-12;
Lauder Javne Jewish Jewish School, 1121 Budapest, Budakeszi ъt 48. Phone: 200-26-31
Karszcsony Sбndor Reformed School, 1196 Budapest, Jáhn Ferenc u. 107. Phone: 281-31-54

Sick children

Today it is not difficult to find a preschool for children with allergies, asthma and diabetes.
Such a medium can give parents great safety, as the diet is adjusted by a trained dietitian and, if the child is ill, special-trained ovaries are professionally provided. But let's face it: if you are not often ill, you don't need special care, just your schedule, wouldn't it be more comfortable to have a normal, close-up? Perhaps if the parent brings in the food every day, they may also accommodate an allergic, special-needs child. If you count, you may realize that cooking will not take longer than traveling to the distant ovi.
Academic School Diabetes Department, 1021 Budapest, Bimbу u. 33. Tel .: 80-200-970
Dalos Ovi, 1047 Budapest, Ugrу Gyula u. 5. T.: 233-28-06
Kismaros, Napköziothos Kindergarten, Liget ъt 35. Phone: (27) 350-077

Integrбciу? You are right!

If your child needs special care, that doesn't mean you can't go to kindergarten! You have the right! If the parent wants to go to an integrated school, ie an ordinary school, not to a special institution, he / she should contact the Examination Board for Learning Skills.
Here, in a composite examination, the child's disease is diagnosed and the institution is offered. It is the responsibility of the local government to provide an inclusive school, if it does not exist then you must create one or pay for this service elsewhere! If the child is placed in a normal kindergarten, it is also the responsibility of the municipality to provide special education in addition to the parenting child.

The services of a "smooth door"

When Bborbor turned three, I thoroughly visited all of the district's schools. After a while I became routine about what to ask. Yeah, that father is here? Well, then it's a challenge. Ballet, music, English and riding? Well, that's hot, challenge! Can't a kid come in to see the garden? What is this place where his opinion is not so important? Kihъzva!
In the meantime, of course, I was surfing the Internet in the evening, so I could find what we were looking for. Yeah this Waldorf, I like the Montessori ... I hummed. But then I clicked on my name. What? How do I travel to Ur every day? No kindergarten can afford that much! So the district schools stayed. Even though the child is normal, he has no special problems, no development needs. Well yes, he is very good at his age, he draws smartly, he is smart. But if I think about it, every mom thinks about her own kid. And learn too.
So I chose the kind of school that we both liked best. It has a large garden, a sympathetic friend of yours, and generally no special offers! He told the guides owv a lady that the child's most important task is to play. And we very much agreed on that.

Play in the door

Since then, wherever I tell you about the school, everywhere I ask is how much we pay for it, because it is impossible for a good standard kindergarten to provide these good programs. Here the children are making candles, drying dried flowers, making wheat bread, baking bread, germinating onions, drawing with ice, watercolor paints and waxing eggs. Celebrate Earth Day, Water Day, Teddy Bear's February pick. We harvest grapes at harvest, with a currency grinder. Well yes, this is part of the basic care.
Only my girl is not lost in whores and advertising is sometimes. "Mom, here I learn nothing! It's not a nursery, just a playground!" And I smile excitedly. Now, explain to him that when he is collecting a diet, rhythmic with him, saying and telling him, he learns much more than putting him on the bench and explaining to him the world? Or do you know the secrets of buttermilk from nature movies? It's okay if he thinks they're just playing here. The point is, I see it, you can still learn. In fact, at this age it can only be so!
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