The tower is called the winter forest

The tower is called the winter forest

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Whether we are running, walking, cycling or gymnastics - just don't die. This is how we can work out what kind of exercise, sport and fitness we want to achieve in nine months.

If you do not have the opportunity or do not want to come to the gym, or at home, you will not find the gym entertained enough, you can also choose the nature, the nearby park, the forest. There is nothing better than when fresh air comes through our lungs and, in the midst of rapid breathing, our bodies receive all the zigzag oxygen.
A bodybuilder, a protruding stump serves to support simple but effective exercises.
1. Let's start with easy running! The tempo should be slow, paying attention to the smooth breathing. Five to ten minutes will be enough.
2. Warm up our shoulders, arms, waist before starting the tournament. Carry out stocking bends, light caressing, caressing.
3. Lean forward - no need for homing - hold a tree trunk and swing it up with a shifting arm. With this practice we strengthen our arms.
Let's repeat it three times!
4. The starting position is the same as above, but let's do the exercise with the back of my hand. We will feel that our back muscles work that way.
Let's repeat it three times!
5. Lean on a log and bend your arms. If we get well, we have an effect similar to that of a recumbent.
Perform three series three times!
6. Grasp the tree trunk and squat down. Let's put our pops back on, let's work on a straight back. It helps if we keep the log to the end. Be careful not to let your hands fall into our hands!
There will certainly be ten times in the Habrom series!
7. Get started on strengthening your thighs and muscles! There is no better practice for this. Do the bends forward, right, left and center!
Twice every office, then two more in the same series!
8. Thoroughly pry the worked thigh muscles with a light saw. There is no need to spring.
9. Reach the end of the tournament, breathe in your air three times, and let the fatigue run short.


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