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You can be a better mom!

You can be a better mom!

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We all want to be a good mother. But what do we need to do to do this? Everyday life is not easy for a small child, but our advice will help you deal with unexpected situations so that you and your child are both happy and happy.

Be a great mother too!


Everything was great, and then sleeping in Duluth, but your child suddenly can't find his favorite sleeping bag and is frightened? There is no gray day without such scenes. If you are a mom with a baby, you have a breakfast, deli and duluth routine that you didn't break.The kids still don't have the time, they can complete their daily routinewhen it happens. This gives them a sense of security as they go through continuous improvement. This means that you have to become the boss you always depend on: you will be the one who thinks about every single thing. And yes, you are going to ask him, "You don't have to party? Believe me, this" micromanagement "is worth it, your baby will be happy, and you can stay sober if you keep things handy. Avoiding unpleasant surprises by always letting him know what to expect during the day is a big help to him. And if you have to read the same book to him every night, you will read the same book to him.


Speech development is most intense at 18 months and 3 years. But many times it's not easy to understand a double book. And if you don't understand what he wants to tell you, it can really upset him. Raise Your Knowledge! Saying "ball!" Could mean "my ball, let's play!" Or "find my ball or you glide!". To better understand each other, always use short terms, repeat yourself often, pay attention to your baby's voice, gestures, especially when you're nervous. Even if you have no idea why he's yelling, show him what you mean. You will still need this knowledge when your baby is having to talk to a stranger. That's when you'll need to translate. Because if you understand what he's saying. But the older child can also be a great help in speaking.


Little kids are sometimes terrestrial angels. And real bad bones at times. They demand, they are hungry, they cry if they do not get what they want. Sometimes you shout loudly against basic things like eating, sleeping, or getting in the car. That's when diplomacy comes. Patience, understanding and a little crafting Do you want to go to the store before you leave home? The 3 years Emily йdesanyja, Rebecca Horvath he used the power of the suggestion to get her girl to pee. "I repeatedly suggested to him that he should pee before we left for the plaza. And then he was offered many times in the plaza too. After all, your child thinks he invented it. Such is the case when diplomacy comes into being in parenting.

Inquire and listen!

The little kids are gone. They find something that fascinates them, and then comes the usual theme of eating, sleeping ... The world is very large and scary in their numbers, but in the process of discovering it, there is always something they can master.Faerol Wiedman he wanted to fulfill his little son's wish on his 3rd birthday, so they went to a car wash. "David the car was stopped, you have to keep talking about it. So we went to the car wash, listened to the cars, the people, the events, and reiterated all the terms. Even my 5-year-old son remarked: wouldn't we stop this year? Of course, I also like to spend time with other people, but I have continued to do a lot about the automotive topic, because it is important to my son. " I also want to share my passion with you. So sit back and let him teach you something. But if you are incapable of paying attention to the monolayer, it is a good idea if you just occasionally die: ohhh!

Look at these eyes!

Once in more than an hour, we get home with the 2 and a half year old ovibul, which is 6 blocks away. Why can? Hangyбk! Pebbles! Repedйsek! Yeah, sure, but at the same time it's normal for little kids to pay attention to the little things. Everything is new and exciting, and of course everything has to be examined, touched, and of course tasted.Try to train yourself in his position And seeing things as if you first saw them, because we rarely miss a moment, especially when we have a lot of things to do and feel like we should be somewhere else. Schedule a bit more time so that your little one can discover things in between.


If you have a baby you will never be ready in 5 minutes. And they don't even understand the concept of time. Instead, tell him: You can put two cubes on top of each other, then put on your shoes and go to the store. And - like a good shepherd - get her! Divert your attention from the games to a motivating start (eg you will see your neighbor's puppy) if you really need to run.


Do you want your baby to wear his favorite short pants over the length? Do you want your favorite princess's gown? No nonsense, don't worry. Think of it like a coin. You can't tell a couch what to wear, but you can recommend her among the seasonal clothes. The laws make their own decisions, and they feel independent of them. Give him advice, be careful.Let him decide what to wear, but always give her two pieces of clothing. And notice how much help you need to get around. Some small children are upright crying if they want to help him, so let's just leave. Or just do it. You see, he takes one outfit for the other. He looks like he is a master of fashion science. Don't worry about not putting on your jacket zippers, praise the way the colors are combined. A diva dresses like no other. Do you have a favorite garment for your baby? Buy 5 of the same, but in different colors. So you can pick up the "same thing" every day.

For friendship

This is the most important. Now is the time in your life when you are the most important to himwhen he just wants to hang out with you. You're the number one friend you can go on an adventure with. If you can be with you, everything is much more entertaining. See the animals together in the zoo, share the box apple apple, relax together! In the long run, this is very important to her. These common moments are the building blocks of your close relationship. And believe me, if you are jumping with her on the ground like a sheep and a breeze, she will think you are a great mother. You may also be interested in:
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