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Before you set out on your first public journey, get useful information from those who already have experience. We've gathered the most important things for you to have a really good holiday!

The most memorable details of the vacation, according to the many stories that have been told, are a real family anecdote swell over the years, whether in camping or in a baby-friendly hotel. Of course, the former is more exciting and the latter is more fun, more relaxation, but then everyone loves it. Are you and your brother? Then it is important that you make arrangements in advance for what kind of vacation you will both enjoy and, in addition, your small needs must be taken into account now.

1. The Kölföldi Panziу

Attila and Barbi's baby-friendly bed and breakfast was selected near an Austrian town.
"Barbi has been wrestling alone with our ten-month-old, agile baby boy and housekeeper on the tenth floor of the condo for almost all day. I wanted to dock all day.
We chose this place because, besides being a real kid's paradise for Barbie and the little ones, I was able to roll big ones, and the neighborhood is an ideal place for bikers. So, in the afternoon, I was already enjoying botti in the pool, barbecuing in the garden in the evening… "

Why did you succeed?
  • They were well aware of their specific needs: going out, getting rid of their routine routine was an important part of their vacation. Another environment, new conditions - you can refuel for a long time.

  • We took into consideration each other's needs, and realized that they just needed another recharge, because their home life was different.

  • We found the place that allowed everyone to switch off the currency. Most importantly, we have given each other the freedom to do so.

  • So design:
  • Explore your weekdays as they pass. Obviously you are looking for what is missing out on, less time and opportunity. You can even write a wish list - especially for yourself - what you want during your vacation.

  • Compare your expectations, and tell your child what they feel good about. Unlike you, he would play the same day all day, in the usual time, before bed and sleep, at home, at most in a cleaner environment.

  • Searching is a pleasure as well, with better opportunities to the right you will surely find every need fulfilled. No
  • it is imperative to always do everything together during your vacation! Alternately, give each other "your own time," so that the rewards of discovery are matched by the rewards of reconnaissance.

  • 2. Camping with lots of excursions

    Laci and Zita had a regular rallying session, and in the summer they organized a nasty recruitment for the younger ones. They did not want to give up on nature, too.
    "Well, a nomadic group would have been steep with a two-year-old, but it didn't really matter a lot. We went by car to the campsite, I probably felt like a couchurist, but because of the many packages, it was nice and easy to travel. from diaper, baby, water ... One of Marci in her carry-on, the other carried a full-day backpack in the back.

    Make your family vacation cloudless!

    Why did you succeed?
  • They were doing something they had a lot of practice with, and they had good morals. The "strap" holiday meant no stress to their number, they had to count only one new situation: the kid.

  • They started out with good equipment, so there was no need to look for stores locally.

  • Many outside of them were also ideal: no rain came, the child didn't get sick…

  • You can also come in if:
  • you're not trying out with the baby what you've never done before. Baby vacations are a big innovation in themselves, and enough of their tasks. If you are not strong on camping, on the verge of choosing a village, you can enjoy the sunshine in the sun.

  • At a five-star campsite you will find almost all the comfort you need to bring everything into a low category, with a double cleanliness and a noisy new environment. Do not ask which child to choose.

  • Make a plan B for a "green" vacation, for example, having a rainy day in a nearby hot tub. Adapt the ranges to the small age and capacity. You should seek medical attention in advance or immediately upon arrival.

  • 3. Wellness hotel with grandparents

    Roland and Kriszti, with their six-month-old and three-year-old children, had a week-long vacation from their grandparents last year, together with them at a family-run spa hotel.
    "There's nothing more comfortable about it: you didn't have to bring anything besides your clothes, all the baby gear and services on the spot. massage, beauty - in a week we really relaxed and refreshed ourselves. No question, how much the little ones and the grandmothers enjoyed! "
    Why did you succeed?
  • Their relationship with their grandparents, being so present, was really helpful: they were looking out for the little ones, so the "young people" could play tennis, and they could go to the bar in the evening.

  • It is a fact that peppered with such an ideal family holiday with two small children but grandparents "worth it" because we could really take advantage of the services the hotel provided.

  • At this stage of their lives, they enjoyed babysitting and childhood during the holidays. With a big kid, this is not going to be a problem for you, then it's time for a blood test and travel.

  • Listen to this:
  • It's a good idea to go out with your grandparents or even friends. So you can share the parenting, there is a company for each board game, football game. So, test it in the middle of a crowded weekend to see if they really land well…

  • The most stressful vacation you are looking for is when you start with two little ones. You are not at ease with us at home, so choose the ideal environment for yourself. Cheaper baby-friendly deliveries may be worth it, but be sure to agree in advance what they are offering.

  • If you are tired of babies and children, leave the grandparents a little. If you are deciding on a family vacation, do not try the travel directory. Don't miss out, enjoy age-specifics: It's not just kids!

  • We come to your health report. Pinch a lot of your lessons and plan your family vacation, then tell us how you got it, what it took, what caused the embarrassment, and what was the biggest sensation that would make your family anecdotal!


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