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These are the symptoms of Lyme disease - avoid infection!

These are the symptoms of Lyme disease - avoid infection!

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Before going outside to enjoy the good time, think about ticks spread by Lyme - experts advise.

Think of the ticks circulated by Lyme Curry

The most tick tick from April to October Ticks tend to be counted as the appearance of the Lyme Burrow during this period as well. The ticks prefer high grassland areas inhabited by domestic animals and other wildlife. If we remove a tick from the skin, we should look out for the symptoms of Lyme disease, but more than half of the patients have not noticed the tick - warned in a newsletter Dr. Jose Munoz infektolуgus.
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Ticks in the woods, in the fields, in the big city

Playback Preventive measures include avoiding areas that are heavily infected with the tick, wearing tight clothing, using tick repellents, and having the skin checked regularly.
The earliest sign of the Lyme Circus is kitsch, but this does not always occur. "The classic Lyme blotch can appear, it can be a double Lyme blotch, or even a pink oval outburst," Munoz said, adding that the outburst size often grows.
"Any spreading rash or skin that is suspected of being Lyme should be treated, and it is not uncommon for it to be confused with fungal infections or wet dandruff."
As the disease progresses, the following symptoms may occur: fever and discomfort, flu-like symptoms without nasal congestion, nervous system symptoms such as weakness or weakness in one side of the face, symptoms like cerebral inflammation, such as fever, headache, tarkуmerevsйg йs hбnyinger, swelling of the brain, and vision problems. The initial stage of Lyme disease is usually cured with antibiotics.
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