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What Does a One-Child Family Evening Have to Do with a Family of Three - Three Life Situations

What Does a One-Child Family Evening Have to Do with a Family of Three - Three Life Situations

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How much time does it take to cook, how much to cook and to switch off? What does a man's bike get into with so many kids? We enter into three daily family chores: Zuffi, where one, Timi, two, and Yumi, where three children arrived at the same time.

Living with one or more children

The nхgyуgyбsz the elsх ultrasound describes magyarбzattal бltalбban careful what you get mom (йs pбrja) lбt the kijelzхn. Most of us will leap out of the skin when, after stopping the bleeding, run to the doctor and see the most beautiful egg in the world. Or sometimes two. More rarely, three. Nine hуnap and mъlva - akбrmennyit also szбmoltunk the nхgyуgyбsznбl kцnnyes eye - fenekestьl turn over the йlet. But how hard are you? We give the mother the mother who initiated us without Peter.

The first days were very chaotic

Proky Zoo (30) and Julia (1)
Before Zuffi had a baby, they moved somewhere with their couple almost every night in the spring and summer, spending the days of the free twenties. The mother says a year has passed and Julia is now so big that she can stay out of it for a while, and this year the Island Festival has already been planned with her, and you can't seem to worry about it. - Of course, the йlet overturned, but there was no уriбsi vesztesйg tйren the lбnyom йrkezйse as integrated into the csalбdba. For example, there has been so much change on our agenda that we get up when she wakes up, when we get to the end of our business - the young mum introduces.
- The first days were very chaotic, it happened until evening, I had failed, but I drank at least because I knew you had to breastfeed. We suffered so much later, but he did! - mesйli large lelkesedйssel, йs hozzбteszi, azйrt szerencsйje it was also because of the broken segнtsйge gyermekбgyi idхszakban. - In addition to the elejйn Jъlia ъgy йreztem vйgйre the day that nothing useful csinбltam, this йrzйs elmъlt szerencsйre now. If szьksйges, a father hazaйrkezйse elхtt уrбval villбmgyorsan get my lakбst, йs fхzцk is right.
We are coming to the market, shop, this is the very least thing that fills the dear ones and the need, so that the evening, the father of your father does not diminish - to sum up, but to ask, , you have too many answers. - We are having a wine chat with my husband, talking and trying to reply to my mail and live a little social life on Facebook. Because the friends were behind, there are fewer parts of our weekdays, but maybe due to the good times, someone always comes by, so I don't have to miss Julia either, and we have fun too. Most of all, we missed the chatter, and of course, the time I spent on myself.
- What without would have gone: The carry-on because Julie took it off in three. That's how they make their money and everything they need to get moving.
- What you give up and do not insist on: Cooking is fixed, unhealthy things are counted to this day. The mosogatбst йs takes takarнtбst lazбbban, йs reached odбig that because there is no conscience furdalбsa.
- The weak point is: Amiуta babбzik, sajбt bevallбsa by the brain rapidly kapacitбsa csцkken, йs small mellхl any munkбt not vбllal. He says that if the child simply hears nothing - for physical reasons - he can not listen to the other.

Everything is trampled in the closet

Plevn Tnmea (32), Dorka and Lili (1)
Timi and her husband returned home from the court in the spring of 2014 with twins. The couple organizes everything themselves, they need relatively little help, both because the grandparents are active and the mother also likes to keep things handy. Of course, this has some internal conflicts when I ask, for example, what's not going with the girls, mentions household as a factor of remorse. - By now, chaos has prevailed, I just can't wait for the cleanup. When I swallow socks, a lot of stuff flows through me because everything is trampled in the closet. We are not the typical sample band in this - it's free. The 33-year-old is a tandem mum who is breastfeeding her babies, which is the result of her long experimentation. He says what he believed to elйg of milk, йs go to szoptatбs, azйrt nйgy-цt box tбpszer mйgiscsak sold out.
Her husband works in the kitchen, but when she's at home, all her parents have a great place to stay, and her wife can thank her for going to college with her kids. - Try tцlteni minйl tцbb idхt the lбnyokkal whose vйgre, ъgy 10 hуnapos age уta napirendjьk is stable.
In retrospect, at first, there were some funny overtaking tactics. "I am home alone with us many times, and most bathers have had to deal with it that way." While I was bathing one, rarely, but the other yelled, I figured I'd kick it in my baby carrier next to myself.
Initially prуbбlkoztam teat is to calm down the mнg mбsik's turn, ettхl nipple confusion lйpett up what nyцgtьnk sokбig. For now, lighter with me, so I can afford the luxury of having my morning coffee ready, and even having a recurring dinner out of the good of you. There is something else to improve on my diet, and I pay close attention to it - says Timi. He also says that after his hair cut off from university, his boyfriend is hardly looking forward to social programs, having fun with the kids, because the past year has brought more stress than expected.
- What you can do is: You can use a washable diaper with the twins, so you only need to do one extra wash every two days, but no extra junk. - What they are looking for: Sleep or Cook because it really turns it off. And you want to be a little less strict about yourself. - What you would tell every twin: "Your ideas sometimes need to be changed, dare to confront the world, listening to your heart. Shut up: if you want to breastfeed or nurture, nothing and no one should influence!"

I don't know where I was from for the first period

Kézér Йva, Kitti, Katinka and Christopher (2)
Although the pregnancy was not physically borne by her, she was bound to do great things overall. Three babies want the usual daily logistics, but not impossible. - It was interesting at first. Breastfeeding - All feed one. Mйrйs. He didn't eat enough. Pуtlбs. Bьfi. Fejйs. Clean up. Lefektetйs. I'm glad that the other two were arranged by dad or one of our assistants.
Consolation of the abdomen, in one case only one beer. Then it starts in a few minutes from scratch. Not nice, but everything goes on the assembly line. Occasionally, I didn't even know who I was cleaning up, and I only found out about the diaper status in the evening that one of them was missing out on the filter. The fьrdйs was also ъgy, amнg were small that one megfьrdettem, I tisztбba, felцltцztettem and Dad - or who might have been here - fed. Meanwhile, I was bathing for the second. If we were two, then in a good case, he managed to feed his father the first, and he got the second. Then I set him up for the third one, feeding him two. If we were three, then of course everyone fed a child. When it came to vendor, we left to be faster.
I still don't know where I was from for the first period. The situation is looser today. They usually sleep at the same time. Of course, if you are sick, then your goal is over and you are looking forward to the evening! - says the mother, who, besides the children, "only" basics. The apartment is clean, there is laundry, but it is not always ironed, and stain cleaning is also eliminated. You have almost no time for you: sports, the theater, reading and the beautician are just a dream.
It does not complain, holding the vilбg legcsodбlatosabb ajбndйkбnak to simultaneously gave him the hбrom lurkуt йlet who бrasztjбk hбromszoros in love. One thing sajnбl to start kezdetйn was not, could not have a more intimate relationship velьk as a anyukбnak who devotes 24 уrбjбt of the day the only gyerekйnek. - I had to accept that I could only deal with one at a time. In the beginning, I cried a lot because of this, but I had to get used to it and I had to stop it.
- Disappointment: The kids have some transportation. It is difficult to push a stroller (although it is rarely necessary), the three children are almost 50 kilos with the stroller and chaos on foot. - The Boss: If the twins love each other. There veszekedйs, but when one falls, the rush mбsik kettх to felsegнtse when one kцhцg the tцbbiek "ьtцgetik" the hбtбt. Children of a similar age, especially one, are much quicker and more affectionate. - The costs are: Lots of diet, diapers went a lot, he goes. They got clothes, games, but between the bodies, they don't have to, because everything has to be bought at the same time. They could not be taken care of by the local government, but they received financial support. The car had to be replaced with a larger one and the attic had to be replaced.
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