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Baby and career? Egyensъlyozz!

Baby and career? Egyensъlyozz!

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We'll show you how to create a balance between your baby and your career. What do you need to do in the months spent and spent at home to be successful when returning to work and staying a happy mother?

Baby benefits - umbrella, childbirth, childbirth, family support - do not come automatically, you need to claim them all with the exception of baby vouchers! Mark on the calendar when you need to submit the application form, and what other documents you need to attach. There is also a change in this area: mothers of children born after April 30, 2010 are only eligible for birth and child if they have been insured for at least 365 days in the year before birth (this has been 180 days until now) only comes to the child's two-year-old.
For your information here you can watch it afterwards!

The first months with the baby

If you've only gotten a glimpse of moms pushing a stroller out of your work window in the park, you've probably been surprised by how difficult it is to get an umbrella here. Believed to be an oasis of peace and tranquility, the baby-mother silence proves to be more of a turn-around in the first few months as a result of feeding, baby moving, and clearing. With more realistic insights, you can see your mind for months if you or your sibling have a sneak peek into your baby's day-to-day life.
Whatever your plans are, now you have an awkward snooze angel or a day-and-a-day lion in your arms, and your work-related plans are a long way from you. That's right! The first few days of tomorrow are just yours. This period is in tune with one another. It is not so easy to accept that a small knob of a captain who sometimes insists, sometimes frustrated with what has been done yesterday, also adds to the time off at night, even at night.
Do not be surprised, it is natural that you will not easily find yourself in a very different life rhythm. The bigger the change, the more patience it will take to make the change. Of course, you do not have to completely give up your previous self. Your personality is greatly enriched by new challenges, emotional frauds. Take a look at the New Life Resources and keep some important things in the country as well.

Avoid the home trap!

  • You don't have to strive for a perfect household! Unburden yourself with some intellectual activity, you will not feel so important that the fringes of the carpet are straight.
  • You only have to change the family work sharing. You're not the only one responsible for all household workers, just because you spend more time at home than your couple.
  • Because you are at home, don't neglect your site! Breakfast makeup belongs to you, whether you are wise or not. And Prod meets as handsome a coworker during the day as you were before you worked. Doesn't this need to be taken too long?

Take the opportunity!

  • During the baby period, you can do something that is not very common at times. Exercise more at home, go out in the air, cook healthy meals. Easier New Healthy Lifestyles When You Are At Home All Day Than At Busy Time At Work.
  • Make new friends with your baby through the playground, your baby mama gym or the internet. Being home is not about being closed, it is about directing another direction, a new company.
  • Look for affordable learning opportunities when you are one year old or longer. If you can't get home, learn something by self-taught or online. Increasing your chances of returning to work after childbirth is better prepared than you are.
  • Ask for advice on breastfeeding, how to solve breastfeeding, milking when you have to leave home.

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