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Placebo works even when we know they're dumb

Placebo works even when we know they're dumb

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Surprise researchers from Harvard and the University of Basel came up with a surprising discovery that placebo tablets work for the patient, even if they are aware that they have been given a simple lozenge without healing.

Experts looked at participants whose arms were slightly burned, but only half of those affected knew that they had actually received a placebo. However, the treatment had the same effect on all patients: those who knew they had received an ineffective pill also had the same volume. The study included 160 "healthy" volunteers, aged over 18. For the slightly healed skin, there were those who received no treatment, some who were given a cream that was said to contain lidocaine, and some who were told they were given a placebo only; The question is whether there is any point in deceiving placebo-treated patients or whether practitioners can rest assured that there are no effective reports published in the Journal of the International Association for the Study