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The strangest pregnancy parental beliefs

The strangest pregnancy parental beliefs

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There are quite a few strange beliefs about middle-aged children. Some are completely alienated, others have some basis. Let's just see how we're with us!

A glass of wine didn't hurt your baby

Alcohol is absorbed very quickly, and it is good enough for the obstacles, despite the fact that the mother's body makes it difficult for harmful substances to pass to the baby or to the baby during breastfeeding. Alcohol is absorbed into breast milk in its entirety, that is the level of alcohol in breast milk is the same as that of the mother.
Excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy often leads to that the baby is born with a low weight, a damaged nervous system. What is considered excessive alcohol consumption is shared by professionals, as is whether it is acceptable to have a glass of wine or sparkling wine on special occasions.

Even the tooth ring is forbidden during pregnancy

X-rays can damage the genome of gametes. Testicles or ovaries developing in the fetus are particularly sensitive to X-rays. That's why pregnant women are treated with special care. Modern X-rays work with much less radiation than traditional types. The diagnostic targeted x-ray examination certainly wasn't worth the little ones: If necessary, a radiograph of the tooth, limb, or chest can be obtained by covering the fetus with a blindfold in front of radiation to the abdomen.

Hair coloring is bothering the baby

It may be theoretically true because the chemicals used for hair coloring are absorbed through the scalp and pass into the mother's bloodstream. But there is a small amount of harmful substance that certainly does not harm the fetus. If the mother is worried, use more natural hair coloring (henna) or choose a hair color that requires much less hair dye. Professionals do not recommend hair dyeing for pregnancy for other reasons: these months can change how your hair responds to dyes, so you may not get as much results as you want.

Some vitamin supplements can cause developmental abnormalities

If you have too much Vitamin A or too much zinc in your mom's body, that baby will be affected. Some foods themselves contain quite a lot of vitamin A (liver, roasters, yellow rape), and if your mother consumes a lot of them and is also taking vitamin A, this can be a danger to the baby. The vitamin formulations developed for the diets do not contain any hazardous ingredients in dangerous amounts. If your pregnant mother is doing this, there is no cause for concern.

Consumption of sea fish and seafood causes mercury poisoning

Mercury is actually a burden on the mother and the fetal nervous system, causing serious changes if the amount reaches beyond the limits. There is actually more mercury accumulated in the body of marine animals than in a house chick. However, the consumption of seafood in Hungary is far behind the world, and the little time a pregnant mother eats this is certainly not harmful, in fact, very important omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained by her mother and her small body.

The use of a mobile phone increases the blood pressure of a pregnant woman

As mobile phones have spread for only a few decades, there are no extensive and long-term studies in this regard. Ongoing research has not revealed any significant risk factors. The exact cause of hypertension (toxemia, preeclampsia) during pregnancy is not known, but high blood pressure before pregnancy, obesity, and smoking are a serious risk factor. However, excessive mobility can have other negative effects, for example light from the screen can have a negative effect on sleep, but it can also affect our mental health if one is too much for one.

Is Mobile Dangerous?

During pregnancy you should eat instead of two!

You don't know either. Apart from a few special cases, there is no need for the mother to eat more than she wants! It is not the amount of food that you need to increase, but the quality of the food that you pay more attention to!

Milk intake is needed because it is the easiest way to ensure adequate calcium intake and lower milk production

Milk does indeed contain a lot of calcium, but not all of the sour milk has the best calcium absorption. God forbid a pregnant woman who doesn't like milk or has a hard time breaking down the sugar in her body would drop a sip of her baby's throat. Eat more sesame, brand or fish. Breastfeeding is not too easy for a mother to consume!

It is forbidden to drink milk during pregnancy because the baby will be allergic

During pregnancy, the expectant mother can safely consume milk, which does not put her baby at risk for allergy. However, those with a family history of cumulative allergies should consume a small amount of dairy products during breastfeeding, and emphasize the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the next six months and keep the baby small. (Hypoallergenic formulas are also made from cow's milk!)

3D (4D) ultrasound is good for your baby

It is nothing more harmful than conventional ultrasound. Practically, 3D ultrasound differs from the conventional one in that it generates more images using a computer and creates a three-dimensional picture based on the data received. 4D ultrasound also allows the baby to see the movement of the baby in real time, so the fetus can observe the activity of the baby. Ultrasonic emitters do not emit radiation but harmless sound waves.

If we stretch, the cord may be wrapped around the baby's neck

The leash is very often twisted (most every second) to the baby, without stretching, but this is not a problem for the most part. The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid and multiple layers of amniotic fluid, so there is no direct contact with the mother's movements.
Inside the cord, there are two battles and a backside, which are spiraled, so that they do not close their lifespan. In elastic cord, the movement of the fetus does not obstruct blood circulation. Very rarely do you get lumps, even if they get stuck.

All cats should avoid being pregnant

Cats transmit a dangerous toxoplasmosis infection to the fetus, but this is not a reason to put our beloved old cat on the sheet. Generally, young cats carry the infection and they also spread it with dogs. It is important that the cat is not handled by the expectant mothers and should wash their hands thoroughly after cat care.
Prospective mothers who grew up in the middle of the cat (childhood or younger) are almost certain to be contaminated with toxoplasma, so they will never receive it during pregnancy. Of course, one can only say for sure after determining the antibody titer, that is, by mistake, the error or its defect can be demonstrated.

If my stomach tastes, the child is born with certain hair

It is caused by hormones that are produced during pregnancy and that the uterus raises the stomach so that the ingested food can flow back into the esophagus. The hair is nowhere near this. We can have some influence on our diet, and in extreme cases we can get medicine for stomach ache.
Expertise: Dr. Martha Dobou, Head of the Department of Prevention, National Institute of Child Health
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