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Today, the disease when the islands of the mucous membrane appear in areas of the abdomen where they have nothing to look for can be treated many times.


After long but successful treatment of my endometriosis, I became pregnant. Laparoscopic was used to diagnose the disease and I had to take serious medication, including a pill. But now it seems all right, the baby is developing nicely by the 10th week. I want to know how pregnancy itself affects my endometriosis, and what kind of birth do you recommend: natural or cesarean section?
V. Betti, email

Surgery Can Help In Overcoming Endometriosis Photograph: бva Rбtkai


Dr. Judith Boros: The essence of endometriosis is that smaller or larger islands resembling the soft tissue of the pleura do not appear in a normal place (ie the inner surface of the uterus), but appear and behave like it in the abdominal cavity. With the exception that the pancreatic mucosa cannot pass from the abdomen, chronic inflammation develops, which initiates a scarring process.
All this can be painful for the patient. Unfortunately, we know very little about the causes, they are just theories. Today, surgery is already taking place with laparoscopy, as it is now: three or so thin tubes are inserted into the abdominal cavity from buttonholes, and then the operation is performed. Subsequently, the drugs reduce the levels of estrogen hormone, so that the scattered islands of the cardiovascular system do not develop again.
Good news that the treatment was really successful as we managed to conceive! The hormonal condition that characterizes pregnancy means a further curing effect. It is advisable to breastfeed exclusively for six months, and to maintain frequent breastfeeding for a longer period of time, and for longer periods of there will be a chance that endometriosis will not develop again.
The method of childbirth does not affect the subsequent onset of endometriosis, although we know of cases where this disease has just occurred after cesarean section. It is possible that, because of the operation, lumps of mucous membrane were mixed into the abdominal cavity, where they were subsequently adhered.
If you are affected, you can find out more about this disease here.


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