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Diaper without the first moment

Diaper without the first moment

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At first glance, the idea of ​​raising a baby without a diaper seems steep. But diapers aren't that cool. Did you know how to handle the little river things? Why shouldn't this be the case today?

Diaper without the first moment

The method officially helped to clean the room (EC: Elimination Communication). As the name implies, communication with the child is the basis. Followed by the so-called "baby without a party" or "baby without a diaper", the baby admits that the baby is far more advanced and much better than we think. For example, to express if you need to pee or poop.

What do you want, baby?

The "nappy-free" is the focus of attention. Mom loves, cares if her baby is hungry, fists, sweet, and if she has to. All this is based on lengthy tuning. Usually, the first months start with bilysis: based on the signs and the observed daily rhythm of the baby, we offer her the option of a toilet, washbasin, a sink, a pee-cauldron outdoors, and so on. In the meantime, keep the baby securely supported. All of this is done with typical hangover (for example, psss sound, but there are some who gently slap on the baby's head) so the baby switches quickly: he / she will be able to connect the trigger with the spot and the tag.
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