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CSOK: Will this be done by the state?

CSOK: Will this be done by the state?

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János Lazzar considers the review of the CSOK system for family home allowances inevitable.

CSOK: Will this be done by the state?

Lazar Jabnos, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office, says that a review of the CSOK is inevitable, and that it should be done by the state in the future support instead of banks.Lazar said in a news release on Thursday that the CSOK should be dealt with again by September at the latest; rather their own product.According to, the government may have been less demanding for CSOK, which has a complex system of rules and regulations. In 2016, the CSOK the average amount of support was 1.45 million HUF. And the maximum 10 + 10 million was given to 3,500 families.
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