Diapers, stomach fat!

Diapers, stomach fat!

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Could the wrong diapering technique increase the baby's stomach? An American osteopath suggests a new solution.

Diapers, stomach fat!

Dr. John Edwards According to Mama's Chiropractic Clinics, a common osteoporosis in Florida, the most commonly used diapering method - lifting the baby's feet high and raising her belly - may be the cause of abdominal pain. Edwards suggests that traditional diapering techniques are used to depress the spinal nerves that are responsible for the nerves in the digestive system, many times a day. the baby to access the buttocks. Although not as simple as the more common method, but with a little practice you can learn.Edwards recommends that you use a mattress or blanket on the ground instead of a tall, narrow diaper table, parents are new to the technique. See how you roll the baby!
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