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Vaccination against varicella will be free

Vaccination against varicella will be free

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They are obligated to vaccinate against measles - the Hungarian Nation learned. However, vaccination against meningococcal B, responsible for three-quarters of cases of meningitis, will continue to be payable.

According to Emmi, the National Immunization Program will include will be part of a compulsory vaccination scheme against varicella. Together with another vaccine, the vaccine would be given at 15 and 18 months.Varicella: Almost all children become infected with varicella. Officially reported infectious diseases account for approximately half of varicella. (Between 1998 and 2016, the number of cases ranged from 28,800 to 52,600.) According to statistics, 1.7% of cases occur in the hospital due to events. The biggest danger is immunocompromised infants means varicella virus causing varicella. Although 95% of people have mypes zoster between the ages of 15 and 16, people may develop chickenpox in adulthood. However, at this age, the disease may be more severe.

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At the same time, the vaccine against meningococcal B vaccine, which causes meningitis, was also on the agenda, which currently costs more than 100,000 forints. This January, the vaccine against meningococcal C has become free for children under the age of two, but it is only responsible for 17 infections - read on MNO. and vaccination rates are very low due to current prices. Funding for elective vaccines puts a huge financial burden on families, which can be slightly mitigated by the need for a compulsory vaccine against varicella.