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The birth

The birth

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The climax of voicing has come, and the child will soon be born. It is exciting when we first touch a popped head and then finally get it done. The mother is relieved, amazed by the miracle, and the awe of the eyes appear.

The birth

1. Fetal head closer to the vagina, so much so that you can see him embossing the dam. You will soon be able to see the head itself as soon as you come to each collision and maybe slip back and forth between the cubs. Don't be disappointed with this, it's completely normal.
2. When the headrest is visible, the obstetrician asks not to press, because if the head is ejected too quickly, the skin of the hind limb may crack easily. Let's relax, breathe like dogs. If there is a serious risk of cracking or if the fetus is unsatisfactory, a cut is made. In Hungary, first and foremost, births are also performed. As soon as the head picks up the vagina, it causes a sensation of pain, but it only lasts for a short time, and it soon becomes numb because the tissues are so tense.
3. Face down the head comes out. The midwife will see if the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck of the fetus (if so, it can usually be slid over the head when the body comes out). Then the child turns the head to one side, so it is flush with the shoulder. In some places, the baby cleans her eyes, nose and mouth and, if necessary, uses a tube to remove her upper respiratory tract.
4. The following two contractions will also reduce the body. The birth of the baby raises the child and mother makes her bellybefore taking the cord. The newborn may look blue at first glance. Probably fetal beard, the skin has blood traces and sores. If you breathe properly, you can put it on your breast right away. If she does not settle, her baby or nurse will cleanse her lips again and give her oxygen if necessary.

Third stage

During or after childbirth, a substance called oxytocin is injected into the thigh, which complicates the procedure. Therefore, the shelter is immediately terminated. If we can, then the placenta comes out by itself, a mother can lose a lot of blood. The physician leading the birth puts his hand on the mother's abdomen, while the baby's hand gently pulls the umbilical cord to help with the loss of the bed. You can now access They undergo placentato make sure that everything is gone.

After the birth

The mother is cleaned, and if a section is made, they are sewn together. The baby carer measures the child's weight, length, and thoroughly judges that everything is okay. They may give Vitamin K to the newborn to prevent certain rare bleeding disorders. Soon after the birth a cords are lost and cut off, especially if oxytocin was given.


The physician or midwife following the birth examines the child's breathing, cardiac function, skin function, movement and response to stimuli after childbirth. They basically give you one. Apgar-szбmot 0 and 10 between. Most newborns are between 7 and 10. The test is repeated five minutes later, so if the first one was low, it might improve for the second time.

Declining family

After childbirth, we dedicate a few quiet minutes to our newborn baby. Related articles in parenting:
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