Failed Authentic Childhood Safety Test

Failed Authentic Childhood Safety Test

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Two autistic childhoods pose serious security risks, according to the latest security test of international consumer organizations. One of the manufacturers recalls the product.

Although none of the products are available in Hungarian-language webwear, the Conscious Consumers' Association draws attention to the fact that when buying from an external webshop, it is worthwhile to be wary.Failed Authentic Childhood Safety Test The International Consumer Research Network (ICRT), of which the Conscious Consumers Association is a member, recently tested the safety of autochthonous children. The consumer safety test has set more stringent requirements for the product than the official standard. In the latest test, the Chicco Oasys i-Size Bebecare + i-Size Base and the Babystyle Oyster Carapace Infant + Duofix i-Size Base have failed. Both of them have a high risk of losing their baby on the front end, dying, so consumers do not recommend using the product. childhood unleashed on the Duofix -i-Size bodysuit. Consumers have tested the BabyStyle Oyster Carapace Infant childless without an i-Size footbed, but they have achieved a good test on the safety test, so if you have such a child, you should Chicco immediately responded to the ICRT's request, stating that only a small amount of the product was marketed. The manufacturer withdraws the product from the market and replaces the part which is risky from the point of view of safety without cost. Affected consumers can contact the manufacturer's customer service. The BabyStyle manufacturer responds as much as possible, deciding not to make the product tested unsafe. Detailed results of the fresh test will be available in late May.
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