Something must be done for the child molester

Something must be done for the child molester

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Miklós Ksler, head of the Ministry of Human Resources, has identified pediatric areas as a priority area for health. The House Pediatricians Association has a pack of professional suggestions for a year.

Something must be done for the child molesterAsked by Zoom.hu Poet Gyırgyцt, Chair of the Home Pediatricians Association, on the occasion that Emmi's new leader Michael Ksler marked the development of pediatric areas as a priority area. Putta said that practices are expensive, physicians' age is high, and if we progress, the industry could be terminated in 10 years.
"There was a slight reaction, but then the campaign and everything became important. We are confident that this will change," Gyula Gyorgy told Zoom.hu. Gyorgy Pуta also said that they have not been contacted by anyone about the developments yet, but this is not a custom. "I'm telling you that I do this whole thing, I am clear We do not contact the state secretary, as the direct requests will not be dealt with explicitly by Miklós Ksler. the extra expertise that the pediatric examinations mean is not differentiated from family medicine "- Gy.Related articles in Children's Medicine:
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