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Sweat Yourself: Home Gym with Small Kids (X)

Sweat Yourself: Home Gym with Small Kids (X)

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Kardar-Papp Nurri, Our Baby, Mom! we talked about home gymnastics, body training, plus 20 kilos, from the state of health on the January 15, 2018 postpartum regeneration program.

What was your personal motivation for starting Our Baby Mom?

Kabard-Papp Nouri: After the birth of my twins, I gained at least 20 kilos and was very much under my body physically and mentally. When I started living, I thought I needed a Facebook page. Initially, it was a public training diary, with photos, videos and tips, just to help me stay in the cloud. That's how it all started.

So far, thousands of moms have pledged to move with our Mom. What motivates them the most?

K. P. .: It turned out that this lonely home gymnastics in a good team is a very good public experience. It is a real fate: they recognize each other's achievements, and they stand behind them. They love that the core of the community is sincere, they tell about their successes and their achievements, but home-based misfortunes and milestones do not count as taboo either. Nobody wants to look like anything else.

What do you see after so many years, how has this - as you called it - changed fate?

K. P. .: The members changed earlier because we had only living Urs, that is, at a given time the Urs could be reached. As soon as her mother started working or even changed her baby's agenda, she stopped. Now that there are more and more video and workout programs available every time, the moms are pretty good. There are some gymnasts, many of them, who have already inspired their own moms and brought them to the community. Our gymnastics moms connect with the trainers. They know the repertoire, the tone, the outs. Wednesday-Thursday Tournament (Szurp 3.) from Come on my mom on Vimeo.

And with so much experience, how do you see the future of home sports?

K. P. .: I think that's exactly what we're doing. There is a short but special period in the life of moms, which is characterized by total subordination. They are not their own, they schedule and live according to their schedule. As a matter of course, since they have babies at home, they are very easy to toss moms out of their mental equilibrium. After birth, show your mothers the quickest way that exercise is important in post-natal regeneration, and experience that it can greatly support your mental health. We will help you with this, with ever more exciting spaceships and motion programs.

January 15, 2018, "Come on, Mom!" New programs, including the postpartum regeneration program.

Get involved in regular home sports with an active community to make your skin feel better!