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The three kids fell off the pitch

The three kids fell off the pitch

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It used to be that three kids didn't have to pay extra personal income tax. Probably now the border is with the little kids because it would have cost too much for the budget.

On Sunday, the ministry announced a new anti-fraud plan, one of the points of which is that mothers with young children are exempt from paying personal income until the end of their life. Previously, news had been born that this exemption would also apply to children of three, but this would cost the budget more than $ 76 billion.Good looking mothers with children are the best So approx. It applies to 50,000 women with children as opposed to having a PIT without having three children, which would mean 206,000 women. Of course, this requires more than anything. First of all, working with a child with a mother and having a personal income tax payable, that is to say, anyone who is RAB or who has not returned to work, is not literally affected by the change. But it also does not affect those who are pregnant or pregnant with maternity. So mothers with young children who go back to work pay the PI and earn better wages. The following are several questions:
  • if you do not have a PIT, you cannot use the retirement savings because there is nothing to take into account 20
  • if the mother of a child with a high income living on a PIT is worse off than opting for a family discount because the latter also comes with a discount
  • if the family tax breaks are gone (because the kids are grown up) then PIT-free

The request, of course, is that a homeless person encourages a family of three to have a fourth child.

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  • No more support, no more children are born
  • It must be a much bigger change than the family tax credit


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