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Conditioning and Spine Gymnastics for Pregnant Women - This is the name of Sabine Bgne's healing and intramural gymnastics at the Women's Health Center. Blood gymnastics - This is how the bimonthly weekly concord is called, when in other parts of the world they focus only on themselves.

When to start?

One of the big advantages of a gymnastics exercise is that it doesn't work like a course, the baby can turn on at any time to occupations. Small and big-bodied women are constantly coming in groups of fourteen to fifteen.


So there is always a chance to the educator should also take into account individual problems, for example, this is not a negligible aspect of my ankle pain because I was able to do some exercises in a different posture. At the same time, I had to specifically move my aching left side, somehow as well as when the masseuse causes a painful activity. Since I am not in a "sweaty" form of exercise, I quickly dispelled my fear that I would not be fully pregnant, and I was secretly proud of my performance as an untrained mom.
During the interview, I also found that first-born women to participate in the gym sooner, they appear almost the week they are sure of their status. Many people put some kind of aerobic ticket on the gym. It is often suggested that when the tummy tosses out of the pelvis, the little ones should stop exercising more dynamically, cycling, jogging, as these are hard-working sports that often do not require a pulse.
Unfortunately, in this tournament too, the second or third time pregnant mother is very small, in my group, for example, I was the only one. Since it was not easy for me to organize an evening getaway, I am relieved that it is not so natural with one or two children that a woman can take time out on her own. However, pregnant women with young children may need even more gymnastics, because - and this is my own experience - taking care of the baby is overwhelming both physically and mentally. In addition, I have also learned that the symptoms of abrasion, previous injuries, possible spinal or other orthopedic changes may be more pronounced during pregnancy and with a baby, baby.

It's also good for painkillers

This gymnastics is really a tool for prevention. In fact, in the course of pregnancy, the growing tummy tends to move the center of gravity. This static change can be kept in balance with a well-conditioned body and muscle. Strong leg muscles can be a great help in spine protection and body balancing.
For many women who exercise here, during pregnancy, Improved posture and performance. Surely many have already seen a little mother who is traveling in reverse, with outward-facing legs, wobbly hips, like ducklings. This can also persist after birth, as if you give up the extra pounds, your posture will not recover by itself. To be able to make a positive change, I will continue to be muscular, conscious and have a lot of practice, which I am frightened of hearing a lot of exercises, because I cannot release myself twice a week. And since most of my females work similarly with growing tummies, and I typically work out, I feel tired of moving around every weekday. However, according to Bgi, it would be ideal to exercise, exercise, and exercise more than just everyday home exercises, at least twice a week.

Instead of drooling

During the sessions, there is always relaxation after the interview, movement leading to the correct posture, and experience the three different forms of breathing. Exercises - and this is natural by a trained intimacy instructor - are not only about business, wine, but also about the dam. If one learns these movements correctly, you can do them alone, as you will not have unforgettable choreography.
I personally find that after my obligatory intimacy exercises, I enroll in some of the tasks I learned at the varsity tower. Among those who have been practicing with her for eight to nine months, many continue to call her after childbirth to tell them how much she has been helped or just "Gyцngyhalбszos" lйgzйs, which was used during the press. The former can bring a baby into a relaxed, meditative state during depression; In fact, as I myself, I have noticed myself in the wheezing when I feel like a hard-skinned the provided breathing lightened the stomach a lot. And the pelvic floor muscles exercise obviously relieves the feeling of tiredness, just less fatigue for the mom and more power to push out. In fact, this set of exercises can help a lot when a baby is born eight to ten weeks later.
Fortunately, after finding a course on the course, and trying to learn and apply the exercises correctly, I was pleased to find that it was easier to move my hips for the third time than before. Sometimes I still like the gym at home, but I am more upset by the movement and the control. And when I look into a shop window while walking down the street, I cheerfully challenge myself and wear my growing tummy with a straight spine and hold back my thighs heavily. I mean and the rest, and I promise I won't be a duckling back then!

Another advice

The trainer should have accurate knowledge of the anatomy of pregnancy so as not to cause pain or overload. A relaxed, easy-to-follow rhythm that refreshes you is desirable. I recommend that the little ones look for a place that is accessible, comfortable and easy for them.
Women's Health Workshop
Budapest VI. ker., Kirбly u. 14th
You are a gymnastics and intimate gymnastics coach
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