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Why is empathy the best answer to hysteria?

Why is empathy the best answer to hysteria?

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Every day with a toddler, you can face your child's seemingly insignificant desires, out-of-the-box dictations, bitter crying, yelling at your neighbors.

Empathy always helps when a child is believing

What are you doing then? How do you handle hysteria? Here are some things that can help you deal with the racket era more easily.

1. Empbathy

If you play and try very hard, but you still fail to do the sandy thing you want it to be, and for that reason, put it in a crook, stand by, and get it done. "I know how bad this is for you now, I understand you," tell him kindly instead of thinking about what he thinks is a trivial matter.

2. Don't let everything go!

Because you are in the drumstick, you can't do everything. Of course, stand by and support him, understand him, but in addition to weakness, you need to be made clear when his behavior is wrong. "I wrote that you were angry, but don't get my legs out. It's crazy for me." "No, we can't buy all the games." - Don't punish me, but tell me you're not good at what you do and why.

3. If you say something is wrong, make sure you understand it

In other words, if something is wrong, you will repeat it you have to make sure that you sympathize with him. "Yeah, I know you wanted to stay in the game, and now you're sad that we had to leave. I wanted to stay too. But it's coming soon."

4. Let it be angry and calm down

If you are not that kind of person, then you have to calm down before you can calm the kid down. When you think and feel that you will be nervous, you can feel a slight breeze. When you are relaxed, words of comfort or comfort can come.

5. Steps forward

After the storm has passed, take it and stop soon. Get started with a casual game that is sure to make you feel good soon.Related Articles:
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