We lie these to ourselves before the baby is born

We lie these to ourselves before the baby is born

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The arrival of a baby is all surprise. Surely many of you have said that you cannot be prepared for the sensation of having a child. And that's really true, you too are thinking when your first child is born.

Many things will be just as you now think

All the pain, the sadness, the downfall, the exhaustion… all new, surprising. And here are the things that we awaken to before the birth of our child. Perhaps you have been through a bit of a difficult time and you can laugh at the 10 sentences that has collected.1. Once a week, you romance with the couple. This is what you do for your couple, it actually takes much more time and energy than you have (especially in the first couple of months).2. Breastfeed for as long as you want. If you're a lucky mom, so be it, but often, breastfeeding doesn't work out the way you plan to do during pregnancy. 3. I will spend on everything I had before. "Uh, a baby doesn't need anything that can sleep in a boy," they usually say. Well, you want the baby to sleep in a boy really? Of course not. And the child is always the first. If he has everything, we can come.4. I will have time to train. For most mothers, the last thing that comes to their mind when they have some time to go is to go to the gym. Good for you if you can do it again, but if not, don't worry, so good. Most athletic moms have children who are at least ovis or school.5. I'll only give organic food to my child and always cook for him. Okay, good luck! But you will probably often appreciate non-organic and glassy food as well.6. I do not request anesthesia. Even if you are born at home in a tub, surrounded by births, doodles and gifts, the point when you feel like it, you need to be aroused.7. I only buy unisex games. Modern parents do not want their bodies to be pink and boys to wear blue clothes. The same goes for games. But the more you try to prevent pink dominance in your wardrobe, the more you insist on princess clothes that you never want to take off.8. I'm going to have a bath with it. You will soon realize that this is one of the ways you can be 5 minutes relaxed when you are dealing with yourself and paying attention.9. You'll relax after the child has fallen asleep. Yes. If you can stay awake.10. I'll look the same. She may not be as relaxed, fit, collected as she is from the mirror. But, there will be a woman who is full of femininity, who is not only a woman, but a mother. And who is much stronger, more energetic than ever.Also read these maternity topics:
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