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Uncomfortable female infection? Um, help!

Uncomfortable female infection? Um, help!

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Infections in women, some of which can be prevented and medically treated, can cause unpleasant and sometimes painful symptoms.

Causes and treatment options dr. Demjén Lszszlou, Oxygen Medical is talking.

Fungal infections

Itchy, tender, and thick, white, odorless fluids may indicate fungal infections. The problem can spread to the bladder and bladder, which can lead to more frequent urinary stimulation and may also cause urinary tract sensation. The most common pathogen is the Candida fungus, which can also be found in the body, but sometimes it can cause illness. Excessive sugar intake, diet, diabetes, antibiotic and steroid treatment may tend to do so. However, at the time of sexual life, you can give it over, that's why partners should be treated togetherto stop Newfounders. It is also a middle belief that natural infections can be more easily picked up, but it is important to know that this is much more likely in hot water pools.

Solution options

In females who are susceptible to fungus, it may be important to carbohydrate intake (mainly sugar) in the diet. It is advisable to drop the linen linen and change the wet swimsuit out of the pool.


Many people think that this infection is spread exclusively through sexual activity, and it is a major risk factor, including oral sex and sexually explicit sexual aids. Unfortunately, though an infected mother can infect the newborn during childbirth. At the same time, it does not spread infections in the water, in the use of eating and toileting, and in ductwork.

Chlamydia is sexually transmitted

Because sexually transmitted blood is scarce, the most effective prevention is through the act. A lot of women have lives when they have to deal with frequent vaginal flushes Chlamydia even though it is just "washing away" the whole bacterial flour. However, most monogamous relationships reduce the risk of infection.

Solution options

- With intimate respect before the act, women often achieve the opposite effect they want. In this case, the skin is more easily penetrated by the mucous membranes of the skin, the small mucous membranes of the mucosa. So it's more worthwhile to take a shower - emphasizes dr. Demjén Lszszlou, Oxygen Medical. -
It is recommended to choose cleaners with lactic acid content, which, unlike alkaline soaps, do not harm the barrier. A helpful tool can be a intimate turkey in lactic acid, the probiotic swab And a bidй professional use.


Many women experience the symptoms of so-called hot flashes, such as regular, spiky urine without urine or severe urine pain. If the infection is not limited to the bladder, but also affects the inflamed kidney, the kidney may be accompanied by a high incidence of symptoms. It is worth clarifying that we do not really get cold at this time, as this disease is caused by the pathogens entering the bladder and living in the water.
Those who have been exposed to it once may, unfortunately, count on the outbreak, especially if other risk factors are also prone to infection. There are certain hormonal factors such as menopause And a hormonal contraception, as well as women of different origins, pelvic inflammations. It further increases the risk frequent partner switching, maybe casual sex without using a condom.

Solution options

In addition to the necessary antibiotic treatment, the most important therapy is a with plenty of liquid, which cools the urine and thus reduces the concentration of bacteria. Fraud and yarrow tea can also be effective.
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