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The situation is better in the canteen

The situation is better in the canteen

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The positive impact of the measures introduced in the field of childrens nutrition, and the gradual shift in school nutrition over the past few years, has been reported by the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi).

The situation is better in the menu (photo: iStock)Bence Révvriri emphasized that the most important goal was to reduce the excess, which was measurable in fractions, from 8.6 to 6.7 grams. This will help prevent children from getting used to a mood that can cause illness in thirty to forty years, he noted. Menzare Reform and the School Fruit Scheme are teaching students to eat healthier foods. In the past few years, for example, artificial food has disappeared from school quarters in three quarters. School kitchens have 90 percent less fat, 97 percent less sugars, and the number of children consuming multiple fruits per day has increased from 45 to 65 percent in ten years. that in our daily physical education, schoolchildren can get to know and love sports, thereby contributing to an action-packed lifestyle - he pointed out. He noted that among the more important ones in everyday physical education, Hungarian schoolchildren are the most active in Europe.
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