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Changing Your Wallet Has Come Alive

Changing Your Wallet Has Come Alive

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Since January, a number of tax-favorable changes have been introduced for taxpayers in the personal income tax (PIT) system, including tax rates. In addition, the family discount for children with two children is increasing.


The PIT the biggest change in the area will be the coming into force of the parliament 1 percentage point tax reduction, that PIT key for 15 percent mйrsйklхdik. This reduces the tax burden on every 100,000 forints by 1,000 forints, and according to the calculations of the specialized department, on average, it is almost 30 thousand forints more than people. Increase Family Benefit for Two-Year-Olds by Four Years, including a 25 percent discount for children, the current monthly increase from 10,000 forints to 12,500 forints. Net income for families with two children per month. Taking into account the effect of the key reduction and the increase in family allowances, two-child families with two average earners can earn more than HUF 120,000.
At the same time, it is a burden on individuals that it is health care costs increase from 6930 forints to 7050 forints per month.
Those who are exclusively income earners and do not qualify for a tax benefit do not have to file a tax return, instead they have to file a tax return. This is the New Opportunity declaration of declaration hнvjбk. The declaration can be made until January 31, 2016 on the income earned in 2015 by the employer or, in the absence thereof, on the ability to pay. The tax will stop the tax until May 20, 2016, and only send an alert if the total of the tax and the amount of the advance deducted do not match.
One year from now, another change is coming: in 2017, if an individual does not apply for a job tax status or does not make or declare a tax return, he or she will have to pay tax According to his specialist more than 1.5 million private individuals do not have to submit tax returnsinstead, the document will be prepared by the tax office, and for 2016, the tax office will complete the document in 2017.
The simplified declaration made by taxpayers and the tax declaration called "dry" can be applied for the last time to the 2015 tax year.
The personal income tax return on the current 150 thousand HUF You can apply for a 6 month no-order order payment for 200,000 HUF. In addition to the personal income tax, you will be able to request a down payment if the total sum payable for the two donors does not exceed 200 thousand HUF.
Another change is that the tax is from 2016 you will not be charged a $ 2000 redemption fee, but now it does so regardless of the limit. In addition, individuals do not have to pay taxes less than 1000 forints, and the tax authorities do not pay out taxes that are less than 1000 forints. So far this limit was 100 forints.
In the event of failure to comply with the obligation to report, declare, report, or fail to comply, with the exception of a few exceptions, you may not indemnify the individual with respect to the NAV, but must, at the very least, rectify the error. Negligence can only be imposed if the call is unsuccessful. However, this favorable rule cannot be applied if the taxpayer fails to sign up to the VAT circle or fails to report to his or her employees, in which case the taxpayer may be the first to pay a refund.


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