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We eat the least green in Europe

We eat the least green in Europe

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All in Europe, we eat the least amount of greenery. Only 30 percent of Hungarians consume green daily, and the situation is not much better in fruit consumption.

According to recent Eurostat data, we are the least green in Europe. The Hungarians 30 per cent eat green grass daily, in the last place in Romania, there are 41 figures. The unique average is 64 percent, the list is 84, and the Belgians are 84 every day eating green - reports eat the least green in Europe Eurostat data also show that they are Hungarians 10.3 percent do not eat once a week We don't live much better in fruit consumption: Hungarians 40 per cent eat fruit daily, this way we only beat Lithuanians, Bulgarians and Latvians. In the EU, Italians are on the top of the list in terms of fruit consumption, with 85 percent eating fruit every day. The unique average is about 64 percent.
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